Idle Vikings Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Materials, food) 0.6.3

An excellent game that gives players the ability to manage their talents. With comfortable, familiar gameplay, Idle Vikings Tycoon recreates the most powerful legends. Viking warriors with murderous vitality are everywhere, making this place terrifying. No more turning the pages of a book or telling a story through everyone’s interesting stories. Idle Vikings Tycoon players will be able to witness and experience their lives firsthand. Become the mightiest warrior ever eager to explore and expand your territory. Imagine going back to that time. Coming to this simulation game, players can develop their management skills. Become the great leader of the legendary Vikings in human history.

In the game Idle Vikings Tycoon, many people are under the control of the player. Make your land as rich as possible. One thing is for sure, don’t starve your inhabitants. Vikings’ lives are in the hands of Idle Vikings Tycoon players. How they enjoy the best life is the task of the player. Meet all the needs and desires of the inhabitants, make them happy with the leadership of the player and the Viking race will be completely loyal.

Download mod Idle Vikings Tycoon – Leader of a Viking tribe.

Although the game Idle Vikings Tycoon is set in the life of historical Viking warriors. The once formidable warriors sent their armies to bombard Northern Europe. But this simulation game recreates that life with lovely graphics. With the cute appearance of cartoon characters, everyone can play with it easily. Anyone can experience, this game will bring the most fun moments. Start a new life with a small tribe on an uncharted island. Use player courage to grow your territory to prosperity. Let your people live and work in peace without having to think about anything. Dear players, this is not a simple matter. War and enemies may still be lurking!

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Vikings Tycoon Valhalla mod apk is idle

history begins

The story takes place a long time ago in a land far north of Europe. Players take the role of leader and join a small group of Vikings in search of a new life. They discovered an uninhabited, unnamed island and began construction. Villages and houses slowly formed close together. On this deserted island that no one has ever set foot on, they gradually breathe a little life. The reason players hang out with their Viking dwellers is to find legends. Valhalla is a place any Viking could dream of going. But this journey will certainly not be smooth sailing, because the world is still large. Build lives while exploring new lands. Become the strongest viking tycoon of all vikings.

Tycoon Viking Idle Valhalla mod Android

work to do every day

As the leader of the Idle Vikings Tycoon, players have dozens of jobs. Start laying bricks and build houses for your inhabitants. Teach women how to sew and teach men how to fight. Collect ingredients and food to feed the inhabitants. Use materials wisely to build ships, send warriors to explore new lands so that you can collect more and more rare items on your journey, and search for lost or lost people. peanuts to increase your population. This will greatly help the production process. Don’t forget to keep upgrading the processing facilities and buildings to improve the quality of life.

Idle Vikings Tycoon Valhalla mod Android Free

Life is completely peaceful.

Idle Vikings Tycoon players will experience everything an ancient Viking had to go through. However, in this world, players do not face too many threats. War could break out between the countries in this Nordic region at any time. All to become the Nordic king with absolute power. This is what the ancient Vikings had to go through for centuries. This will not be repeated in this Idle Vikings Tycoon game. There are four worlds in the game waiting for players to explore. Continue to expand your territory and develop your village into a big city. Hunt animals for extra food reserves or labor. They are living a completely peaceful life, gathering food and exploring new lands for a few days.

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Vikings Tycoon Valhalla mod Idle

Compete with other viking tycoons to top the leaderboards. Download the Idle Vikings Tycoon mod and go on a thrilling adventure at an unknown island, gradually becoming a Viking tycoon and bringing the inhabitants to Valhalla.

Download Idle Vikings Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Ingredients, Food) Android

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