Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK (Lives, Moves) 1.97.3

Candy Crush Friends Saga brings you exciting moments with sweet gameplay and colorful candies. The candy move puzzle game may be related to the name of the developer King. Each version they create always receives an enthusiastic response from millions of players. Although there are only small changes, it seems that the fans’ expectations for this gameplay have not decreased. Candy Crush Friends Saga is still candy and you need to match them in a straight line to score points. But players will have more companions to make the game more interesting. The fun is doubled when you have a new member, experience it now.

Each version is constantly updated with hundreds of levels. The challenges in Candy Crush Friends Saga are endless and you will need a lot of energy to conquer the entire level. The candies are very sweet and their colors can be amusing, but there are many varieties that you need to think about to get through the level. Remember, from now on, you are not alone in this adventure. Candy Crush Friends Saga allows players to have new cute friends who are always with you to overcome all difficulties.

Download Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod – Decode Colored Candy

The popular Candy Crush Friends Saga is based on easy to understand gameplay. You look for candies of the same color and connect them together. Get at least 3 candies in a row to score points. The number of moves the player can make in each level will be limited. You need to fulfill conditions such as collecting the required number of candies within that limit. Candy Crush Friends Saga is not an easy game to beat, although its gameplay is easy to understand. However, you have plenty of time to think before moving the candy. Once a decision is made, you cannot undo or correct your mistake.

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Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod Download

hundreds of levels

Candy Crush Friends Saga features a series of levels arranged with animated maps. During this trip you will see mountains, rivers and snow caps. New locations are a harder puzzle, but you’ll still have to solve them. The number of migrations decreased, but the requirements increased. Sometimes, you get caught up in layers with different emotions. But believe me, when it’s over, the joy is indescribable. Candy is beautiful, but it stresses you out, which is funny. There will always be a solution for each level, does it matter if you find it or not?


The biggest gain is probably the companion. With each new level unlocked, the player can choose new friends. Yeti, Tiffy, Misty, Nutcracker… all so cute. When you match the candies with cute moves, they will dance along. Not only that, friends also have the ability to help break candy when needed. Candy Crush Friends Saga is no longer just a game of friends and candy. The fun multiplies as there are more exciting new characters on each level.

apk crush friends saga mod

Candy Crush Friends Saga was born after the success of many previous parts. Basically, the gameplay has not changed, the developer just updated the interface and added some new features. You can connect with friends through social networks and compete together. There is a diverse level system, constantly refreshing will bring many difficulties to players. Download the Candy Crush Friends Saga mod with your favorite characters and discover sweet candies on an unforgettable adventure.

Download Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK (Live, Move) For Android

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