Peter’s Fringe Ending Copied Walter’s Origin Story

peter in the last choice edge Walter’s original selection was copied from the very beginning. edge is the story of Walter, Peter and their friends facing the consequences of Walter’s actions that almost destroyed the world. Walter’s experiments many years ago created a hole in reality. Fringe Unit was established to deal with the consequences of that violation. Olivia needs Walter and Peter and brings them back together. At first, their relationship was difficult, but as time went on, they grew closer and closer. Initially, Walter resented Peter for abandoning him in a mental institution after his experiments killed someone. At first, Peter resented almost everything about Walter.

The main reason why Walt and Peter had so much friction was that Peter could never fully understand why Walt would make side choices, especially about Peter. from start to finish edgePeter realizes that he is not much different from Walter. After the birth of Peter’s daughter Etta, Peter began to get closer to his father. He recognizes that love and family are compelling motivators that can inspire people to make choices they wouldn’t make under any other circumstances.

Fatherhood pushes Peter and Walter to side choices

Father’s love is the center of the story edge edge. Through an interstellar window, Walter sees a surrogate Peter suffering from the same disease that killed Peter, Walter’s son. Walter also sees Walter Nut accidentally discovering the antidote. Walter travels to another universe to save his backup Peter. At first he just wanted to talk to Walter Nut, but Walter brought Peter back to this universe. Become a father’s choice Marginal The substitute Peter almost brought the apocalypse. All Walter does is because he loves his son and is willing to sacrifice reality to save him.

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Peter and Olivia are separated from Etta by observers who have come to Earth and searched for her for many years. Etta was killed by the Watchers shortly after they found her. Heartbroken by his daughter’s death, Peter installs observation technology into his body to help defeat them. However, he begins to become cold and ruthless as an observer. Olivia is appalled by the changes and asks Peter to delete X file –love technology. Marginal Peter refuses until Olivia awakens his love for Etta. He eventually realizes that being an observer would betray his love for his daughter and decides to fight for the future of humanity as a human.

Why Peter’s Fringe Story had to copy Walter’s origin

peter fringe follower

In the end, Peter repaired what Walter had broken while trying to save his daughter. He and Olivia created a steady timeline without an observer out of love for ETA. Etta did not die at the hands of the Observer but lived a full life. Peter risked everything to create that future, and Walter, knowing all too well how a father’s love pushed him to make his own choices, helped stop Peter.last step edge Season 5’s Invasion Observer involves Walter going back in time and staying there. This resets the timeline from 2015, which means, sadly, that year Walter has disappeared from reality.

from start to finish edge, it is clear that most of the decisions Peter makes are influenced by Walter. At first, Peter doesn’t understand the sacrifice Walter has made for him, seeing him as an unscrupulous experimenter who will only cause Peter pain. It wasn’t until Olivia gave birth to Peter that Peter visited his father in the mental hospital, and he kept calling him by the name Walter instead of dad. However, Peter gradually comes to respect and love Walter, and at the same time understands that in return Walter also loves and respects Peter. edge The series finale is a heartbreaking moment for both fathers as Walter steps into the past and leaves the future to Peter.

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