Why Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s First Boss Is So Hard To Beat

Zhang Liang, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s first boss, a tough threat to defeat. That’s why he’s so hard to deal with.

Crouching Dragon: Fall of KingdomThe game’s first boss is hard to beat, especially on the first try. Zhang Liang was a huge shock to the players who successfully passed the level in the encounter battle. The first discoverable area features an optional Chang Gui mini-boss encounter, but its difficulty is negligible compared to the threat posed by the actual boss of the area.

The first moments of developer Team Ninja’s new Souls RPG are set in medieval China in the form of an extended tutorial that includes the presence of Zhang Liang. Defeat Zhang Liang despite the difficulty of the first boss Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom is the game’s hard-hitting approach to teach players central combat mechanics, focusing on deflecting and attacking poses rather than just dodging and attacking.

Crouching Dragon: Fallen Dynasty’s first boss has two levels

Crouching Dragon: Fallen Dynasty's first boss, Zhang Liang, as soon as the second phase of the fight begins, one of his arms turns into a bright red spot with many spikes on it.

Crouching Dragon: Fall of KingdomThe first boss, Zhang Liang, fought hard. With a few hits, the player is easily defeated. With a very limited number of healers, getting his HP bar to zero without fail was a quest in itself. However, the real alarm goes off when he shows that there is a second phase to his fight and he becomes a stronger version of himself. If the player tries to get through the first stage, they may not have any cure and will have a harder time. time in the second period, relying only on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Blocking style.

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Crouching Dragon: Truong Luong’s decline is actually not difficult

Crouching Dragon: Zhang Liang, the boss of Fallen Dynasty, is carrying a large stick-like weapon on his shoulder, with a slight smile on his lips.  He has a large beard, long hair, and a metal dragon headband.

On the plus side, Zhang Liang’s second stage doesn’t need to be completely defeated, and there will be prompts to complete in battle. This is where players should realize that fighting is only difficult because they don’t yet understand the game mechanics. Crouching Dragon: Fall of KingdomThe first boss isn’t too difficult, but it’s really a crash course on how to deflect attacks and maintain your opponent’s stance to stop them from attacking. If the player is too cautious, they are likely to lose. If they do the opposite and attack mercilessly, they also fail because they were caught off guard in his critical strike animation.

Learn the core of the game and how Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom other than Nioh and other soul-like titles are essential. It will be easier for players to handle crouching dynastyAs the deflection mechanics become more familiar, it’s the first boss. That’s not to say Zhang Liang isn’t a tough boss, because he is. His attacks consume a lot of the player’s HP bar and he will have a very short time to heal or recover when his Sanity bar is full, despite having an ally on the field. can distract him.

However, hit Crouching Dragon: Fall of KingdomThe first boss is just a matter of understanding how the game works and actually applying it to the battlefield. It may take a few tries before taking him down forever, but players should consider these lessons for the future Crouching Dragon: Fall of KingdomTales of the Three Kingdoms.

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