Britney Spears admits cheating on Justin Timberlake and reveals who she kissed

Britney Spears admits in her new memoir “The Woman in Me” that she cheated on her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake by kissing another man on one occasion.

The “Oops I Did It Again” singer split from Justin in 2002 and she says in the book that he broke up with her in a text message after three years of dating.

So who did Britney kiss?

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She says in the memoir that she kissed dancer and choreographer Wade Robson during a night out at a Spanish bar. She says she only did it because she had just found out that Justin had supposedly cheated on her.

“We went out one night and went to a Spanish bar. We dance and dance. “I made out with him that night,” Britney wrote in the book, according to Sun.

Britney says she had been loyal to Justin throughout their relationship “with that one exception.”

Britney says she told Justin about the kiss and they “agreed to put it behind us” since she “had only had eyes for him” during their years together.

There are so many bombshells about Justin in the book and we’ve put them all together.

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