Taylor Swift & August 3 Theories: Why Fans Think She’s Announcing Something Next Week

Taylor Swift has devoted fans who constantly come up with theories about what she’s planning and they think something is going to happen on August 3.

The 33-year-old entertainer will be performing the first show of the Eras Tour run in Los Angeles that evening and fans think she will announce major news that night.

The theories surrounding August 3 started last year and fans keep finding new reasons to think this date is going to be special.

Head inside to learn more about the theories…

So, what will happen? Let’s investigate!

  • Why August 3?

    Back in September 2022, Taylor started announcing the track list for Midnights through a “Midnights Mayhem With Me” series where she picked up a phone and revealed the titles of every song.

    While revealing the titles of tracks 3 and 8, which are “Anti-Hero” and “Vigilante Shit,” Taylor held the phone upside down. Fans have been theorizing that something is significant about the numbers 3 and 8 with many thinking it’s referring to a date, either March 8 or August 3.

  • Big Announcements Have Happened During the First Shows of Major Cities on the Eras Tour

    August 3 happens to be the first night of a six-show run in Los Angeles for the Eras Tour. Will Taylor continue the tradition of announcing big news during the first show of a run?

  • Is the next re-recorded album being announced?

    Fans think that Taylor could be getting ready to announce the next re-recorded album, which people believe will be 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

    Just this week, Taylor seemingly ended the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) era when she removed all of the promo materials that were pinned to her social media profiles. Her profiles are once again promoting Midnights.

    Will Taylor announce her next album on August 3?

  • Could Selena Gomez be involved?

    There’s a theory that Selena Gomez might be involved in the possible August 3 announcement as her beauty brand Rare Beauty has been inviting influencers to the Eras Tour show on that night.

    Fans think that Selena might be appearing on stage that evening and there are theories that they could be announcing a duet. Maybe a new song that will be a vault track on 1989 (TV)?

  • Speak Now (TV) era only lasted 83 days

    Fans noticed that Taylor changed her social media profiles exactly 83 days after she announced Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

    The re-recorded album was announced on May 5, 2023 and just 83 days later, the album promo was removed from her social media profiles on July 27, 2023.

    Another major coincidence is that 83 days after August 3 is October 25, which was the original date of release for Speak Now back in 2010.

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So, do you think something will happen on August 3?!

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