‘Apply for a £20,000 loan’: Gordon Ramsay ridiculed for his ‘financial advice’ in podcast

The celebrity chef has been relentlessly ridiculed after sharing controversial financial advice from his father-in-law on a podcast.

About him High Performance Podcast, Gordon Ramsay shared the financial situation he and his wife Tana were in at the time. The couple needed money for their first apartment, so Ramsay asked Tana’s father, Chris Hutcheson, for a £20,000 loan.

As reported by Indy100Ramsay explained to podcast host Jake Humphrey: “We were young, we were stupid, we were poor.”

Ramsay recalled how he took his father-in-law out to lunch and asked if he could lend him money, even though he was driving a Porsche at the time.

“He said, ‘Okay, this is what I’ll do. I’ll have lunch with you again when you sell your Porsche,’” the chef said.

I thought, bastard. But, you smart son of a bitch. Here I am driving 911 in an instant and we didn’t even have a house, an apartment, or a roof over our heads. “It was the best advice he ever gave me: sell your damn Porsche.”

Put slightlyNot everyone online agreed with Ramsay’s financial advice.

On Humphrey’s Twitter post about the podcast, one user commented: “Good advice, I’m selling my Porsche and asking for £20,000 so I can buy a place to live. “Real estate crisis resolved.”

“This is an incredibly powerful message. If you need money, don’t just take it from someone else. No. Sell your Porsche. This one really hit the mark,” said another user.

Gordon Ramsay is getting stingy with his fortune

It turns out that Ramsay doesn’t just share financial advice on Humphrey’s podcast. In fact, he also shares it with his children. However, the famous chef and television personality wants to make it clear: he does it. No He intends to leave his children a penny of his $750 million wealth.

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Despite Ramsay’s immense financial success, he has stated that money is not his primary motivation. He also doesn’t want this to be a motivator for his children. As a result, the chef has declared that his children will not inherit any wealth after his death.

On Reddit, Ramsay defended his parenting practices with his children, saying, “I need to protect them and respect the restaurant and my restaurant team. I made them as normal as possible… they all have jobs, they all have cared for animals, they all have housework. There is a rotation. “They get pocket money, but they have to earn it.”

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