Blacklist 200th Episode Trailer: Stacy Keach’s Robert Vesco Returns

black list The return of Stacy Keach’s Robert Vesco was revealed in the landmark 200th episode. The long-running series, created by Jon Bokenkamp, ​​originally premiered on NBC in 2013. The show stars James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former undercover agent now in the series. On the FBI’s Most Wanted list, agreeing to cooperate with the FBI, profiler Liz Keane (Megan Boone) tracks various criminals on his “Black List,” a lengthy profile that includes terrorists, spies, thugs and more. However, his intentions are mysterious and may be more selfish than it seems.

The series’ final season is currently airing, and at NBCLatest promotion coming soon black list In Season 10, Episode 4, Stacy Keach returns as Red’s mentor, Robert Vesco.

The upcoming episode titled “Hyena” will premiere on Sunday, March 19 at 8pm on NBC. According to the trailer, the plot will follow Red and Vesco teaming up again after their reunion last week, trying to track down a hidden fortune before a dangerous killer finds out.

Stacy Keach’s Role in The Blacklist Explained

Keech only appeared in three episodes black list Prior to a special appearance in the landmark 200th episode. However, the actor – known for his roles in projects such as Mike Hammer on the CBS show blue blood – plays a very important role throughout the series. Additionally, Vesco draws inspiration from a real-life character, a con man who some believe faked his death from lung cancer in 2007.

Keach’s season 6 premiere revealed that Vesco actually faked his death and stayed hidden. This character guides Red and becomes an important figure in his development into a complex individual like him. However, his escape time allows him to see errors in his way of doing things in a way, so his ability to affect Red takes on a more complicated color when he returns to normal. period for many years to assist in various adventures.

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Give the truth black list Going to the end, this will most likely be the last episode Keach appears. Especially considering this is the 200th episode, the creators probably want to do their best to get Robert back in style. The stakes are high, however, and it remains to be seen whether he – or his relationship with Red – will survive this episode.

black list Airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on NBC

Source: NBC

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