How To Get The Turtle Island Token In Lost Ark

Turtle Island is a small island off the northwest coast of Anika lost box It contains a quest line to get island tokens and unique mounts. The five-part quest sequence requires adventurers to travel to Anikka, Arthetine, and Vern. Upon completing the Turtle Island storyline, players will earn Island Tokens along with other valuable rewards, including 7 Ocean Coin Boxes, 10,000 Silver and Gem Coral, which can be exchanged for Objects. riding the Turtle in Stern’s Origins. Also, Daily Mail”Strawberry picking,” will be in Una’s quest.

To start the Turtle Island quest, lost box Fans must go to the island and accept their first mission from Tatan, a turtle sitting right in front of the pier. However, players should note that the chain can only be used after reaching level 50. Those who come to Turtle Island with a character below level 50 will not be able to accept the quest,”turtle and boy

turtle and boyThe explorers’ search begins by talking to Flynn, the only human inhabitant of the island. As one might expect, the rest of Turtle Island’s inhabitants are all turtles, including Flynn’s “father”, a puppy named Baham Giant Tortoise. Flynn wants to be like his turtle brother, and it’s up to the player to make that dream come true.

Unlock Turtle Island Tokens in Lost Chest

Part 2 of the Turtle Island quest series is “looks like a turtle, the player must sail to Anika to craft a turtle costume for Flynn. Lin Lin, a textile merchant in Delphi Town, needs the player’s help in repelling a few thieves during the costume making process. Next, “breathe like a turtle“The Lost Ark fans went to Arthetine and built a turtle shell for Flynn.

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The fourth mission, “diving like a turtle“requires the player to talk to Magick Scholar Irene lost boxFern castle. Here, adventurers must complete the quest to collect 100 Spectral Breaths in Fesnar Highland. This quest can be completed by killing the Highland Elves. Players should gather mobs in one place and use powerful AoE abilities to effectively fight in groups. Then return to Turtle Island to complete the “to the beachthe last segment of the string. After talking to Baham and Flynn, an ending cutscene will play and Lost Ark fans will be rewarded with Turtle Island tokens.

lost box Available on PC via Steam.

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