Black Clover’s New Training Arc Proves It’s Smarter Than Critics Think

Warning: Spoiler for Chapter 340 of Black Clover black clover, but the series’ latest training arc proved smart and nuanced, and still is. Exactly how Asta prepares to take on his toughest opponent but essentially deciphers what usually happens at these times in the comics.

Usually, the heroes of any given shounen series undergo at least one training session. Sometimes they just need to become stronger and increase their power level. In other cases, they learn a new attack or fighting technique that will help them overcome opponents when they become too strong. It is usually one or more of these. Something more or different than that. Although some Shonen Jump manga like good luck Try to correct training arcs, they are usually not fun. black clover Although found a way to make its new training arc quite attractive.

exist black clover In chapter 340 of the Yuki Tabata manga, the reader believes that Asta will undergo a round of training, as his training purpose is ostensibly to learn and master a particular move. black clover In Hino Country, a world called “Jetten” that only a few people can master. That’s part of it, but Asta’s trainer – Kuroko’s childhood friend and Hino’s shogun Ryu – reveals why Asta’s stronger training partner – Ikka, Kuroko’s older sister – forces he has to constantly dodge is perfect. Because the One Flower Lord Ashtar represents how the young mage will be forced to fight when he is finally confronted by the mage Lucius Zogratis, whose body resembles the Sorcerer King. Only when Ashtar can find a temporary breakthrough should he release Zeten.

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How is Ashtar’s training different black clover

Ashtar’s training involves dodging and defending against those much stronger than him before relying on a unique opportunity to unleash a new move he’s just learned. Essentially, the training was an admission that Ashtar couldn’t be stronger than Lucius. There’s no way he could be on par with him. black clover Tell the reader that sometimes the villain is too strong and needs a tactic other than brute force. This is actually quite a creative approach to the youth training arc, as there are always some secret methods that can turn the tide of a fight.

because black clover Specifically, this latest training arc also works well considering past events. This isn’t the first time Ashtar has trained to try to overcome the latest threat to his world; demons and their demon hosts, including Lucius Zogratis and his three siblings, who once formed the Dark Trio. This is his third training session. This constant need for training highlighted the power ratio of these demons and demon hosts black cloverhero. In fact, this latest form of training effectively suggests that the only way for Ashtar to win is to stay alive long enough without dying, further emphasizing how overwhelmed Astar is when he does. has reached its limit.

Unfortunately, most of the reviewers gave up black clover It’s been a long time, so it’s a pity that they didn’t get the chance to experience Tabata’s sheer songwriting talent. But for the fans who realized black cloverFrom the very beginning, his genius was and continues to be to eat well.

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Black Clover is now on Viz Media!

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