‘Big Bang Theory’s Kate Micucci Gives Important Update After Cancer Diagnosis

Great news from Big Bang Theory star Kate Micucci. After announcing that she had lung cancer, the actress revealed that she is now cancer-free.

In one of his latest TikTok videos, Micucci stated that his last surgery removed all the cancer from his lungs. No further treatment is needed and you can go into remission.

Kate Micucci further stated that she is grateful that the cancer was caught early and thanked the doctors, nurses, and fans. She then added that she is excited to be out of the hospital in time to spend Christmas with her 3-year-old son, whom she shares with her husband Jake Sinclair.

@katiemicucci Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes this week. It meant so much to me! ❤️ #cancerfree #solucky #update #goodnews #goodnewsontiktok #lungcancer ♬ original sound – Katemicucci

Micucci previously spoke about the diagnosis, stating that it was shocking for her. “It’s pretty strange because I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life,” she explained. “So, you know, it was a surprise. But I also guess it happens too. And the best news is that they detected it early, they removed it and I’m fine.”

Kate Micucci later said it’s been “a bit of a journey” and will be moving slowly for a few weeks. “But then I’ll do it again,” she said. She wrote in the comments section what some of her symptoms were before the diagnosis. “I had one thing in my blood work that came back very high,” she recalled. The actress noted that she had high levels of CRP, which meant that there was inflammation somewhere in her body.

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After learning about the inflammation situation, Micucci was seen by a preventive doctor, who performed a series of tests. While scanning his heart, the medical team discovered a spot on his lung.

Kate Micucci’s fans were quick to respond to the good news about her health

After she posted her latest health update, fans flocked to Kate Micucci’s TikTok to share their support for the actress with very positive comments and praise.

“This is fantastic news!” declared one fan. “Being in it makes the world so much better.”

Other fans were quick to point out that the big news was a great Christmas gift. “That’s amazing news,” another fan stated. “I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2024.”

An admirer colleague added that this latest health news is exciting. “I love hearing this news and you deserve all the love you received and that continues to come.”

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