‘Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ Star Reveals Line Dylan Sprouse Refused to Say, Talks ‘Defended’ by Twin Stars

Kim Rhodes played Cole and Dylan Sprouse’s famous mother in Zack and Cody’s suite life. However, he recently revealed the ways they “defended” her on set.

In case you forgot, the famous twins were the stars of the Disney Channel show, which was expanded with a spinoff series called Suite life on deck.

While in the Back to the best On the podcast, Kim talked about how the couple took care of her on set. In particular, she revealed a line that Dylan refused to say and that he would have made fun of her.

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“They defended me at all times,” he recalled.

Kim went on to say, “I got pregnant when I was on the show and of course the show addressed it by making practical jokes. One of my favorite memories is that Dylan had a line that was a practical joke and he kept jumping on it. It was in the middle of a piece of dialogue. So he kept skipping that laugh line,” she said.

“We finally get in front of the studio audience and he skips it. The executive producer yells “Cut.” By the way, it’s the director’s job to cut the road. He says, ‘Cut.’ Dylan, say the phrase. He says, ‘I wouldn’t disrespect any woman like that, let alone this woman.’ He writes something funny and I’ll say it.’”

She concluded the story by saying, “That’s my little man. “They are both my little men.”

If you missed it, the twins recently reacted to a famous meme related to their shows.

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Did you know that they are also two of the richest Disney Channel stars of the time?

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