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Packs sold for real money in the game are unlocked.

As a restaurant, you need to know everything to avoid disadvantages in Bear Restaurant. A profession started with a small talent and a great passion. We bear only such a small start. Attract all kinds of guests to come and enjoy the food. Welcome them with a charming and spacious restaurant. As a result, there was perfect revenue growth. Opening a restaurant does not require detailed calculations. Have fun and put your heart and soul into quality, too stable and prosperous.

Perhaps a slightly more bizarre story would make the game more meaningful. Bear’s Restaurant takes a unique approach to storytelling. It sounds a bit dark, like a medieval pixel adventure. The meaning that it brings is great and cannot be changed. Those who have died also need comfort for their souls. They can be whole, but not eaten. A chef can comfort those souls. So geniuses can really cross that fine line to succeed.

Download Bear Diner mod – help Bear Diner work effectively

In the spirit world, a strange restaurant has been built. It was created by an unnamed bear with a boundless passion for food. Any soul that comes here needs enough money to eat. Bell and his assistants are able to trace lost memories. Find out what people’s favorite foods were when they were alive. Then they will enjoy the long lost taste. Even if you no longer remember who you are or your past life. The only thing you can get at this restaurant is the taste. You need to complete countless missions.

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Good food

Cooking food requires unique ingredients. In this world, look is a little different. We need to find food and vegetable stalls in the big market. Open the purchase section and enter the ingredients directly. There is meat, eggs, flour, fish, potatoes, cauliflower… all kinds of fruits, vegetables and meat are very fresh. Help the dead turn into unique dishes like hamburgers, pizza, casseroles or fried chicken. Whatever food the soul asks, it will be made immediately. For those who can’t remember anything, finding the taste is quite difficult. But difficulties are not deadlocked, because noble people will help them.

Bear restaurant mod apk

Searching for memories

While running the restaurant, you also have to help the dead to eat. Itineraries will be made regularly at the request of the customer. We will find countless kinds of memories and past lives. Some people have their own occupation and living situation. They can be good people, bad guys or people who want to commit suicide. The causes of death vary, but they will no longer know who they are. So it’s good to help them remember it all, enjoy the meal, and walk away. A good restaurant will be known and loved by many people. The staff and chef will go out of their way to help everyone.

Bear Restaurant Free Version

The more you play, the more insightful the game will be. Play quietly and feel all the good things going on. Waves are definitely unpredictable. When you lie down, your life circumstances no longer matter. This can be a good relief, but it can also be a bad thing. The decision is up to each individual. All of Bear’s Restaurant’s delicacies are still available.

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