American Horror Story: Freak Show’s Best Subplot Has Its Worst Ending

in spite of American Horror Story: Freak Show Far from the worst of the anthology horror series, the messy plot leads to a macabre ending to a potentially great side episode. Despite receiving a lot of compliments American Horror Story The trend is to set up lots of interesting stories from the start, only to discard many of them as the series moves on to other promising storylines. This can be frustrating, as characters with great potential and storylines that seem interesting at first can be scrapped before reaching a conclusion.

One of the most annoying cases is American Horror Story: Freak ShowWaste of supporting cast. While the anthology ostensibly focuses on the freak show of the same name and the pitiful outcasts that make up its cast, American Horror Story: Freak Show In the end, following a series of plot themes never achieved so much. American Horror Story: Freak ShowThe terrifying villain has little or no connection to the season’s overall plot, though he was the source of some of the outing’s most memorable horror scenes.

AHS: Freak show wastes Neil Patrick Harris ‘Chester

Likewise, Neil Patrick Harris’ Chester is a hauntingly eccentric villain — a ventriloquist persuaded by a deranged doll to kill people for her sake. This leads to a spectacular death, but nothing else, because American Horror Story: Freak Show Quickly give up the role. Chester proves once again the world’s scariest villain American Horror Story It’s usually more of a human than a supernatural threat, but that doesn’t justify the length of his appearance. In a less hectic season, Chester could have been a pretty scary villain, but in weird programhe just had time to show up, join the freak show, kill Maggie in front of everyone and turn himself in as a cop.

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The fact that Chester turned himself in, despite allegedly killing his doll rather than the actual murder he committed, shows that American Horror Story: Freak Show Not sure how to end his bloody story. While anthology thrillers forget about the villains before and after, Neil Patrick Harris’s star power and the terrifying potential Chester possesses as a character make this spin-off. a particularly disappointing result. Although Maggie’s American Horror Story: Freak Show Death is gruesome, and Chester’s entire story just seems to facilitate the ending.

Maggie’s bizarre death wasted an obvious setting

Maggie in the American Horror Story freak show

exist American Horror Story: Freak ShowWell, the weirdos will fend for themselves, and although Maggie is a morally ambiguous character at first, she has a crush on Jimmy by the time she’s killed. However, instead of taking revenge on Chester, the Monster lets him go after he kills her. It would make a lot more sense if these weirdos had subjected Chester to the cruel and unusual punishment they did to Stanley and Dandy.

instead of, American Horror Story: Freak ShowChester’s plot was dropped when its purpose became clear. Chester’s presence would at least trigger the horn of vengeance, but that didn’t even happen. 1984 Play an unnecessary role for Richard Ramirez, which American Horror Story: Freak Show The plot themes prove that sometimes less is more.

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