15 Best Horror Movies Like Insidious

After director James Wan kicked off one of the most lucrative and recognizable horror franchises of the modern era with his groundbreaking low-budget film sawbut before he starts one of these Spiritualistwho started his third series with the equally famous Mystic Cooler insidious.

The film’s success spawned three sequels, the most recently completed devious 5 Brings back the original cast under the direction of star Patrick Wilson. As fans wait for the sequel to the series, the best horror movies like insidious Loads of entertainment can be provided to make the time pass faster.

The Haunted Night (2013)

Available to stream on HBO Max

Although based on real cases investigated by paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren, Spiritualist It was a blockbuster scare experience insidiousJames Wan’s visual ingenuity is on full display throughout.

The demons that live in their new home in the movie constantly terrorize the Perun family, filled with scares and hauntingly creepy designs.

it follows (2014)

Available to stream on Netflix

It follows the best and worst horror movies of 2015

Finding a way to fend off a seemingly unstoppable supernatural threat is an important part of the film’s plot insidious And Spiritualist So common, very few modern movies combine this effect with shocking scares it follows.

The film’s premise is simple as it revolves around a curse that spreads from person to person through sexual intercourse, causing a shape-shifting entity to slowly stalk its victims until catching up. and brutally killed them. However, the path to defeating the curse is more complicated, and the film takes its concept seriously, arguing that insidious Fans will respect, if not completely love.

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Grave Encounter (2011)

Available on Pluto TV, Tubi, Vudu and Crackle

Ghostly Characters in Grave Encounters

insidious Fans who love the film’s paranormal investigative angle will definitely want to check out this found-out thriller about a group of ghost hunters who lock themselves in an abandoned mental institution, where it is believed haunted by the ghosts of abused patients. .

Although there are some shades that are darker and more realistic than horror movies insidious, heavy suffering There is also an inevitable state of falling into a state of horror like a surreal nightmare that leaves a lasting impression.

Haunting (1982)

Available to stream on HBO Max

Heather O'Rourke in The Haunted (1982)

a lot of conspiracies insidious Directly influenced by movie icons Tobey Hopper and Steven Spielberg in this classic horror film. Elise and her paranormal investigators, Specs and Tucker, are clearly paying homage to the movies, as each film’s story focuses on a last-ditch attempt to save a child brought into the spirit world by evil forces.

in spite of insidious A more original, original horror approach haunted An impressive implementation of the frenzied vampire concept, it’s still a truly terrifying experience.

Host (2020)

Available to stream on Shudder and AMC+

Moderator's Role (2020) in Zoom Calls

Favorite Horror Movie Fan insidious‘ Haunted ideas in feature film plots are likely to be discarded hostCompletely revolves around a Zoom call between a group of friends, which turns deadly when their call invites the devil into their lives.

The idea of ​​a movie made entirely of computer screens of characters was made famous many years ago by movies. Unfriendmany of them insidious Fans will definitely be kicked out too, but host There’s very little time to build and get straight into the scares, making it an even more intense experience.

Lights Off (2016)

Available to stream on Hulu

Lights Out (2016) - Diana

Before joining Wan Zi Ren Spiritualist To direct the iconic demon doll Annabelle prequel, director David F. Sandberg has made a name for himself in modern horror cinema by expanding on one of his short film concepts. grandfather.

turn off the light is a concept-based horror story about a family that is constantly being followed by a murderous figure that can only be seen in the dark.like insidious However, the film puts a lot of emphasis on family issues as well as the spooky threat.

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Evil (2012)

Available on Peacock

Ethan Hawke as Allison Oswalt in Sinister

Scott Derrickson’s supernatural thriller follows a writer who discovers an 8mm box of home movies in the attic after moving into a new home with his young family. Upon examination, each person appears to come from a different family, and each family’s grisly murders are depicted, with a grotesque character linking them all.

malignantmuch as insidiousis a movie about inflicting terror by any means necessary, leading to visceral scares and jumps of all sorts throughout the film.

Ouija: Origins of Evil (2016)

Available to stream on Netflix

A girl looking through the Ouija board in Ouija: Origins of Evil

The prequel to Mike Flanagan’s Hasbro-produced Hasbro’s Almost Completely Forgotten 2014 horror is one of the most surprising horror movies of recent years. appearance Showcasing the director’s Stanislavskian approach, bringing out the best in any project.

Set in the 1960s, a family drama about a widow and her two young daughters gain more freedom thanks to their circumstances, The root of all evil Not only is it a huge improvement over its predecessor, but it also really enriches the story of the film. Flanagan intertwines domestic drama and supernatural horror in a similar way to James Wan insidious Fans should definitely watch it, even if they haven’t seen the first movie.

Ceremony (2017)

Available to stream on Netflix

ceremony is the feature-length feature debut of director David Bruckner, who has made a name for himself among horror fans with many memorable scenes from his anthology films over the past decade.

Exhibits much of the same visual creativity imparted by James Wan insidiousThe story follows a group of friends who get lost in the Swedish forest and begin to feel a malevolent presence haunting their dreams and stalking them in the woods.

Before I Awaken (2016)

Available to stream on Netflix

Trailer Before I Wake Up

Another Netflix movie, also directed by Mike Flanagan, but pre-produced Ouija: Origin of Evil Although it was finally released on Netflix a few years later, before i wake up It revolves around a boy whose dreams and nightmares come true while he sleeps.

fan insidiousStarships from ‘The Farther’ are sure to love this innovative chiller for its amazing design and emotional presentation.

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Black Woman (2012)

Available on Pluto TV and Paramount+

Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur in The Woman in Black with the Ax

Daniel Radcliffe stars in Horror Haunted Mansion based on Susan Hill’s novel of the same name insidious Fans will certainly notice the shared effect of the spooky image.

Radcliffe plays a young lawyer who is sent to a run-down Gothic mansion for sale, but quickly discovers that the local townsfolk have good reason to fear the secluded house. Although not set in modern times, but woman in black Very much like a contemporary suspense ride out of a horror movie.

Other (2001)

Another very classic influential ghost story, other Written, directed and scored by Alejandro Amenabar, it is a critically acclaimed 2001 horror film and box office success.

Set in an often isolated former English manor house, the story follows Nicole Kidman, a single mother who begins to suspect that the house is more than just her family and servants. insidious Very supportive of the Lambert family in insidious.

Crimson Peak (2015)

Available to stream on Netflix

Mia Wasikowska is stuck at Crimson Peak.

An even better quintessential British drug story woman in black or otherGuillermo del Toro directs this opulent and epic Gothic drama set on a real estate.

Imbued with the director’s unwavering attention to detail and eerie design, crimson top Stars, Jessica Chastain delivers an outstanding performance.Fans love insidious You’ll find a lot to love in the film’s creepy spooky designs.

Mother (2013)

Available on Peacock

Mom's sequel has a new writer and director

Jessica Chastain also steals the show in this eccentric, ethereal supernatural thriller, as a woman is forced to take on a role of motherhood she’s never met after discovering your nieces. his son. the woods.

Based on the short film of the same name directed by Andy Muschietti and executive producer Guillermo del Toro, Mom Sliding between drama and horror more gracefully than most films of its kind, as family bonds begin to form under the shadow of the children’s imaginary guardians who infiltrate their lives. their lives and reveal that they are not so fictional after all. insidious Fans are sure to appreciate every little gimmick that makes the haunted house movie more unique.

it (2017)

Available to stream on Netflix and HBO Max

Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic and complex novel of the same name was a successful first chapter, bringing the horror genre to a wider audience.

The film follows a group of small-town cycling kids who are threatened by an otherworldly evil, usually in the form of a cannibal clown named Pennywise.one insidious Fans will love every twist, turn, and fall in this hair-raising roller coaster experience.

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