Adam Sandler lets People’s Choice Awards viewers die with a funny acceptance speech

Is he the town icon or is he the sexiest man alive? Adam Sandler seems to think he’s the latter.

Adam Sandler, known for his comedy talent, was honored with the People’s Icon Award during the 49th Annual People’s Choice Awards. During his acceptance speech, Sandler infused humor and gratitude…

The legendary @Adam Sandler He is the icon of the town! 🌟 Look at the #PCA now on NBC, @Peacockand @eentretenimiento.

– NBC Entertainment (@nbc) February 19, 2024

Instead of immediately acknowledging the award, Sandler first expressed his gratitude to his friend and collaborator, Jennifer Aniston. Aniston had the honor of presenting him with the award.

“Aniston, I love you so much,” he began. The banter continued when Aniston admitted to feeling nervous and Sandler reassured her by saying, “Me too. “You were fantastic.”

Jennifer Aniston made me cry and now Adam Sandler makes me laugh 😂. I adore this man very much. #Awards chosen by the people

—Ashley (@simplyashley91) February 19, 2024

Adam Sander accepts the 2024 People’s Icon Award

Sandler added a comedic twist by sharing that he initially misheard his agent on the phone and believed he had instead won People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive award. This revelation added a playful touch to her acceptance of him.

Before concluding his light-hearted remarks, Sandler offered some advice to those who aspire to unlock their “full flesh potential.” He encouraged everyone to embrace the uniqueness of him and lean into the silliness of him.

He also humorously suggested dating David Spade and Rob Schneider to appear prettier and taller than they really are…

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“My advice to all kids is to start dating Rob Schneider and David Spade so they look 3 feet taller and infinitely more handsome” Adam Sandler is the best

– Fennis Dembo (@YouCantByum) February 19, 2024

Transitioning to a more heartfelt tone, Sandler took a moment to express his gratitude to those who have been a part of his filmmaking journey. He also mentioned his friends and family for his unwavering love.

Specifically addressing his daughters, Sadie and Sunny, he declared his love and admiration for them. Sandler emphasized the importance of her as his best friends.

I love Adam Sandler. He’s a real guy, fame hasn’t changed him. His movies are fun too!

-Kara Dickinson (@dzkara) February 19, 2024

He also dedicated heartfelt words to his wife, Jackie, expressing his gratitude for every moment they have shared together.

In addition to the People’s Icon Award, Sandler is also nominated for the People’s Choice Award in the Comedy Movie Star of the Year category for his Netflix film, “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah,” which features his entire immediate family. .

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