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Having a pet is something many of us do every day for its pleasure. But have you ever thought that you have to raise dragons? If you haven’t already, don’t worry, Dragon City 2 will tell you all about it. Build a dream island with various conditions. Take care to make the baby dragon mature and stronger after a certain time. They will be ready for the most important battle under your command.

After the success of Dragon City, Parrotgames continued to release Dragon City 2, a game that was greatly improved compared to its predecessor. From images to features and content that users can experience. This is a major breakthrough in bridging the gap between users and products. You will venture into a simulated world like no other and embark on a journey to define your future.

Download mod Dragon City 2 – help dragons grow up and become stronger

When coming to the game, you will be transported to a mysterious large island to perform your mission. Here the system will give you a few dragon eggs so you can raise them. These eggs will then hatch into cute and healthy baby dragons. Next, establish appropriate elemental boundaries based on the dragon’s characteristics. Your dragons will live in this limited area and grow up day by day. If you’re short on places, you can level up and use magic trees to explore the island. Dispel the dense fog and expand the dragon breeding area. Make the necessary upgrades to keep your island growing.

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complete collection

In the world of Dragon City 2, more than 100 different types of dragons live. These dragons would be classified as elements found in nature. Everything will include metal, plants, water, fire, earth, light, darkness, and thunder. These factors can influence and interact with each other in combat. Makes it possible for individuals to become superior or weaker in the face of an enemy. They are also classified by strength and rarity for players to identify. The rarer the dragon, the more original attributes and better potential. Complete your collection by working hard.

join the adventure

To clearly define the goal for the player, you will arrange different tasks from simple to complex. Initially, you will only encounter weaker enemies like monsters or dragons. The further you go, the more the group advances and you need to increase your strength. After completing these missions, you will earn valuable rewards containing various resources to enhance your dragon or island upgrade. It’s best to be careful before some of the basic levels. These are the times when you will meet influential people, such as bosses or commanders. We need to focus on maximizing our strength to overcome them.

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PvP combat

Competing with other players is essential to help improve your combat experience. Dragon City 2 will exclusively provide you with a PvP mode to make this a reality. There will be many advanced dragon trainers here. When playing, the system will randomly find an opponent for you, and you will fight them until one side is eliminated and the other side wins. Because it is impossible to know the enemy formation in advance, it is necessary to prepare carefully. Put the strongest dragons in the right places and let them take turns fighting. If you win, your rank will be higher.

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raise dragons

Just like the previous version, you can completely ride a completely new dragon for yourself. Hybrid functionality has been improved in this version with greater diversity. More dragons also means more dragons will be born. You can randomly select two dragons to get a specific product. Attributes are high or not depends on when they are born. There is nothing you can do but accept the result. But also glad that you will have the opportunity to enrich your collection. Baby dragons born will carry random attributes of their parents.

If you like this game, start downloading and experience it now. Dragon City 2 mod will take you to a magical world with the most powerful dragons.

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