12 Hunger Games Characters Who Knew About The Rebel Plan In Catching Fire

Unfortunately for President Snow, Katniss Everdeen is not in Arena mortal: Flammability Quarter Quell, thanks to some loyal allies who understand the rebels’ plans. The second part is playing Hunger game The franchise begins a few months after the events of the first film. When Katniss and Pittamelak tried to commit suicide and nearly ingested the poisonous Nightlock fruit, rebellion broke out throughout the Donor Nation. They eventually survive and both win the race, but the plan affects the rest of the rebellious Shion country. To restore the natural order of the country, President Snow needs Katniss’ help.

President Snow wants Katniss to convince everyone that what she’s doing is love for Peeta, not a rebellion against the capital. Promoting her sham relationship with Peeta failed to convince President Snow, so he planned the Quartet Quiet, in which all the fake lovebirds competed against each other. Unbeknownst to Katniss and Peeta, the other Tributes plan to rebel. The plan was to knock out the victors and start a rebellion. They need Katniss for her power and influence, but they know she won’t join if Peeta dies, so they work hard to protect them both during the Quarterly Queue. They kept it a secret from Katniss so President Snow wouldn’t find out, but many tributes were planned.

Finnick Odair & Mags Flanigan, District 4

Finnick Odair is the first character to pledge allegiance to Katniss, followed by his mentor, Mags Flanigan. Finnick shows Katniss the bracelet he received from Haymitch Abernathy, proving that she can trust him as one of her allies. During the Cornucopia massacre, Finnick shielded Katniss from hiding as he fired an arrow at another scapegoat. He made sure she was unharmed and came out of the bloodbath alive. They take Peeta and Mags into the woods, where Peeta is electrocuted by a force field. Finnick knows he needs Peeta alive for Katniss to continue, so he rushes to resuscitate him. Another clue to his participation in the rebellion comes as Katniss prepares to shoot him with her arrow, telling her, “Remember who the real enemy is,“That’s what Haymitch told her before the game.

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Magus was clearly aware of the plan, since Finnick had brought her into their alliance. When she is dehydrated and exhausted, he will watch over her and fetch water from the tree for her. However, to protect Katniss, Mags sacrificed himself to the poison mist to prevent Katniss and Peeta from dying.

Transfiguration from District 6

Morphlings_Hunger Games_Catching Fire

Unfortunately, the male Morphling died in the massacre, but the female Morphling continued to protect Katniss. After Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick emerge from the mist and heal in the water, a group of demons catch up with them. The three fend off the animal with arrows, but Peeta nearly gets hit by an arrow. Since Peeta needed to survive so Katniss could help with the uprising, the female Morphling disguised herself as a tree, then jumped out of the drill, causing it to attack her. Peeta doesn’t understand why this shapeshifter, whom he doesn’t know, would sacrifice herself for him, suggesting that she was part of the plan and trying to protect Katniss.

Johanna Mason from District 7

Johanna Mason bathing on the beach after surviving a rain of blood. She made it clear early on that she was committed to helping Katniss when she told Katniss that she helped her defeat several other tributes. Later, while sitting on the beach, Johanna nursed Katniss and brought her a coconut to drink to stay hydrated. Later in the forest, when District 2’s tributes Brutus and Enobaria attack, Jena Malone’s Johanna knocks Katniss down so the tributes can’t hit her with their arrows. Then she cut off Katniss’ arm. It appeared that she was intentionally hurting her, but it was later revealed that she was actually removing the tracking device from Katniss so the career couldn’t hunt her down.

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Beetee Latier & Wireress in District 3

A composite image featuring Wiress and Beetee from Catching Fire.

Beetee Latier and Wiress wash up on the beach with Johanna, and both work to protect Katniss so she can lead the uprising. After bathing at the beach, Wiress just said “Tiktok.“No one understood what Wiress was talking about until Katniss realized she was telling her that the arena they were fighting in was shaped and worked like a clock. This helped Katniss understand how to use it. She used the arena to her advantage so that she could survive many obstacles and Wiress later sacrificed herself Beetee who came up with the plan to defeat Career, although things went in different directions but both him and Katniss both survive, Katniss is in the plane beside him Waking up at the end of the film, as they are heading to District 13 to join the uprising.

Plutarch Heavensbee & Haymitch Abernathy


Katniss wakes up to find Haymitch, Finnick and Plutarch Heavensbee on the plane, who reveal to her that they are in charge of the Rebellion plan. They told her that half of the tribute was in there, and in the end all of the Quarter Quell events, where she was always saved from danger, made sense. There are also moments throughout the game where Haymitch is clearly involved in Hunger Games’ plans. While Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick are in the woods, Haymitch tells them to drive a small stake into a tree so that a stream of water can flow out to help them rehydrate. Haymitch also sends bread. The number and type of bread sent is actually counting down.

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Cecelia Sanchez from District 8

Mortal Game: Catching Fire Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Cecelia Sanchez passed away early Arena mortal: Flammability And it barely appears in the movie. She was bitten by Enobaria during the massacre. Unlike the other tributes, there is no clear evidence of her involvement in this scheme, as she did not join the Alliance and proves how dedicated she was to protecting Katniss. . However, she probably already knew, as Haymitch said that a Hunger Games from District 8 was also planned.

Planters and Chaff from District 11

Haymitch claps while Chaff and Seeder watch something from The Hunger Games Catching Fire

Seeder Howell and Chaff Mitchel also die early in the film. Seid dies in the massacre and Chave is killed by Brutus. Their participation is also conjecture, as there are no explicit gifts indicating their participation in the program and they did not play a significant role in it. Arena mortal: FlammabilityHowever, they were Haymitch’s friends so it was obvious that he would include them in his plan.

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