10 Shows To Watch If You Like Apple TV+’s Black Bird

Content Warning: This article contains references to murder, sexual assault, substance abuse, and violence

Apple TV+ series black bird Not only does it have a compelling premise, but it also features a talented cast that includes Taron Egerton, Greg Kinnear, and the late Ray Liotta. Fans love this plot inspired by a true story and the tough decisions one man has to make: whether he enters a high-security prison to try to get a confession. from a suspected serial killer in exchange for a full 10-year prison sentence, or staying safe in a minimum-security prison for the next decade?

It’s not just about the risks involved, but also the guilt of knowing that turning down an offer could mean unleashing a killer who will strike back. It’s the kind of series that keeps viewers on their toes all the time, but with only six episodes of the mini-series, fans might be looking for something similar to watch.

Wisdom Hunter (2017 – 2019)

Available to stream on Netflix

Following a similar theme of hunting down a serial killer, Mind Hunter Deal with FBI agents and the Behavioral Science Unit trying to understand their motives and why they commit crimes. Inspired by true stories and characters, including some of the most notorious serial killers, this is a fascinating look into the minds of serial killers, including many of the things like black bird.

The show’s two detectives were inspired by the group that actually coined the term “serial killer” in the late ’70s. Though insensitive to time, the serial killer has traits. interesting resemblance to Larry Hall black birdhimself based on a real convicted murderer.

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Stealth Pete (2015-2019)

Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Pete sneaked down the sidewalk.

With an equally all-star cast black bird Well, including Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston, the show’s co-creators, sneaky pete Follow the criminal Marius, who, after years in prison with Pete and knows every detail of his childhood, decides to pose as his former cellmate upon his release. Since Pete’s extended family hadn’t seen him when he was a teenager, they quickly became convinced that the mysterious young man, now in his 30s, was him.

Marius (Ribisi), posing as Pete (Ethan Amberry), initially tries to swindle the family fortune, but he develops feelings and realizes that they have more than they have. than. This leads to a larger web of lies.

Jailbreak (2005-2009; 2017)

Available on Hulu

Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre in Prison Break S01

An older brother who never saves his siblings, this is escapeWhen Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit, Michael (Wentworth Miller) decides to go to prison himself to help Lincoln escape and justify him. black bird It can be seen that the motivations of the main actors in the two films inherently have similarities.

Interestingly, while the premise sounds like it couldn’t last longer than a short miniseries, it actually lasted four seasons and was revived in a fifth season due to the show’s overwhelming popularity. During the operation, many unexpected things happened escape.

Oz (1997-2003)

Available on HBO

Two people in prison in Oz

ounce is a show about a fictional prison unit that participates in a social experiment after the unit manager wants to rehabilitate criminals instead of just focusing on punishment. However, tensions continued to rise after prisoners were divided into various social and ethnic groups, leading to violence and even murder.

The setting of the movie is similar to black bird, a high-security prison that holds some of the worst criminals convicted of particularly heinous crimes. The show received rave reviews and ran for six full seasons.

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Burial (2003)

no streaming info

Lennie James from the British TV series Buried sits with her arms crossed in front of a row of weights.

movie about brother’s prison, bury, divided into only eight parts, focuses on the relationship between inmates and guards at a fictional British prison known as Queen Mandela’s Prison (HMP). The main character is Lee who, like Jimmy Keene, is serving 10 years in prison for gun-related crimes.

Jimmy is known in prison for his charm and wit, while Lee is respected by other inmates for assaulting the perpetrator of his sister’s sexual assault. But when his brother, also a prisoner, is sent to maximum security, Lee becomes the number one dog and must solve the problem on his own.

El Marginal (2016-present)

Available to stream on Netflix

A scene from El Marginal of two men at odds, one of whom appears to be beaten.

from Argentina, Deposit Highlight a former police officer who decides to go undercover in a prison to infiltrate a group of prisoners and guards. Like Jimmy, he has a mission in prison to complete and time is tight.

Jimmy’s goal is to get the serial killer to confess and find the bodies and identities of some of the victims, Miguel continued. Deposit An attempt is being made to obtain information about a kidnapped young woman who happens to be the daughter of a judge. It is filled with tense storylines that can keep viewers glued to the screen for hours on end.

Orange is the new black (2013-2019)

Available to stream on Netflix

Orange Taystee, Piper, Janae and Poussey are the new black

One of Netflix’s first original series, Orange is the new black Focus on a women’s prison. The central character is Piper, a young woman caught up in thrills while her relationship with a drug dealer runs deep, only to end up in jail for her involvement. Each main character has a different judgment Orange is the new blackSome are as long as Jimmy’s.

Although it is both a comedy and a drama, and black bird Both dramatic and thrilling, the shows have similar prison settings and tough decisions, both guilty and innocent, must be made along with the daily challenges they face.

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John Wayne Gacy: The Devil in Human (2021)


John Wayne Gacy in a 1992 interview.

a miniseries, John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Human Based on the true story of the infamous serial killer. He bears a resemblance to the so-called murderer black bird, including eccentric habits and claims of innocence. However, despite Gacy’s efforts to fool everyone with his lovable Jimmy-like demeanor, it doesn’t take long for his true nature to be revealed and viewers learn of his heinous crimes. disgusting thing he did behind closed doors.

Although this show is for true crime lovers like black bird, It offers another look into the mind of a serial killer and warns viewers to be careful with who they talk to or meet in real life.

Smoke and Mist (2014)

no transmission information

In a pub in the British series The Smoke, two men insult each other.

Another British series, cigarette Interestingly, Taron Egerton also starred. He plays a rookie firefighter on the White Watch team, and the show recounts their adventures dealing with tough calls. It also delves into the personal lives of the characters.

cigarette Also featured Jodie Whittaker, who later appeared in Which doctor?. Although it only lasted one season, fans of Egerton and his work might want to check it out cigarette Just look at the range of his acting, and the roles between the hero and the criminal.

Return of the Prodigal Son (2019-2021)

Available to stream on HBO Max

Malcolm screams at his father during prodigal son group therapy

Malcolm Bright is the son of infamous serial killer Martin Whitly, a renowned heart surgeon who believes he is human. prodigal sonOne of the new canceled shows for 2021, focusing on now-adult Malcolm still dealing with childhood trauma, his interactions with Martin, and his attempt to penetrate the mind of a criminal. Serial killing and trust building is like black bird.

Malcolm is an FBI profiler who studies serial killers, helping him identify them and uncover things the average detective might miss. He could have helped Jimmy develop a strategy for dealing with Larry, including asking the right questions and using the right methods to build trust.

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