10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Pirates Of The Caribbean

Margot Robbie Confirms Cancellation But the pirate of the Caribbean She will be starring in the spinoff. After Johnny Depp was fired from this successful series, most fans expected production to be halted, and despite that, many were heartbroken by the latest news.

With five movies released between 2003 and 2017 and grossing over $1 billion (according to Box Office Mojo), it can be said that But the pirate of the Caribbean This is the most successful pirate series in cinema history. Despite the abrupt ending, fans continued to return to the film, some of whom found inspiration for hilarious memes that pretty much sum up the film.

active fan base

most people forget But the pirate of the Caribbean Based on a ride in Disneyland’s theme park, which has been a classic attraction since 1967. The franchise is therefore always in Disney’s hands.

As the meme points out, while other major franchises have been acquired by Disney – like Marvel and Star Wars – and there are complaints about the company distorting their movies and series, But the pirate of the Caribbean It’s been great from the start, all thanks to Disney’s approach to franchises.

most pirates are cursed

The life of a pirate is not easy. Evading the law, facing the mythical creatures of the ocean, and the fierce waters of the sea make it difficult for them to survive. Fortunately – or unfortunately – most of the characters in But the pirate of the Caribbean Always subject to some kind of curse that makes them immortal.

Barbossa’s crew transforms into skeletons at night, while Davy Jones’ crew transforms into humanoid sea creatures. As the meme hilariously describes, most people are just looking for immortality to face the evil ocean, however, in the case of the Davy Jones crew, most don’t understand what that means. whatever, they will become sea creatures. Their harsh living conditions as hosts to mollusks and marine animals have made them fans of the movie’s villains, but the memes make their curses sad. laugh.

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stolen ship

The glory and pride of the pirates is their ship. Whether it is the captain or a member of the crew, the desire to ride in a fast and powerful boat is palpable. Therefore, most of the time the characters in the movie always go to rob other captains’ ships.

As the meme hilariously points out, the Black Pearl was taken from Jack Sparrow, but the same can happen to Barbossa and the other characters in the series. Needless to say, what is the movie looking for treasure while stealing a ship? But the pirate of the Caribbean One of the films lit in a bottle.

The Drunk Life of a Pirate

Pirates love to drink rum all day while in Tortuga or sail out to sea on their ships. Drinking has permeated their way of life, so it’s not hard to believe that their love of alcohol is the reason they became pirates in the first place.

It’s fun to imagine Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush taking on the roles of Captain Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa over a few glasses of wine, which would explain why they’re so good at playing drunken sailors.

rum is never enough

Jack Sparrow would agree that there is never enough rum in any movie. Either Elizabeth Swan burned his treasure, he drank it all, or unfortunately, someone else took it first. It can be safely said in all But the pirate of the Caribbean Movie, 404 error makes rum unable to enter.

It may have been terrible news for Jack that he never had enough, but without alcohol, the franchise wouldn’t have many golden moments and funny quotes, including the famous one. by Sparrow “Why the shortage of rum?” Needless to say, it was Jack’s relationship with rum – including his behavior under its influence – that made him one of Johnny Depp’s best roles.

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James Norrington is a great character

At first, most people thought that James Norrington was a villain, but when Lord Cutler Beckett appeared, people knew who the real villain was. Norrington, though an officer in the Old British Navy and East India Trading Company, was a man of integrity, always striving to do the right thing.

He doesn’t have one of the best character introductions in the movie and most people find him boring at first – including Elizabeth – however, as the series goes on, fans can judge taller than him, the meme has shown many of his traits. character.

Lord Beckett loves business

Lord Beckett only cares about money, and despite many warnings, he always chose the plan most likely to bring him and the East India Trading Company the greatest wealth, as the meme hilariously depicts. As a result, he suddenly became a despicable villain. Even though he’s not a pirate, he really is the worst.

He paid the price for his stubborn behavior and ended up dying in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, With his death, the Oriental Trading Company collapsed. It was a relief that the Oriental Trading Company was in charge of the slave trade.

full of action

like a die-hard fan But the pirate of the Caribbean Did you know that a Lego video game based on the franchise was released in 2011 and even though it seemed more family friendly, Davy Jones decapitated a crew member and plugged his head. into a scene on the crew’s corpse that surprised everyone.

Yes, there is some violence involving swords and guns in the movie, but it never goes to the point of beheading a character. The LEGO characters make it seem even more silly – assuming they don’t die when the head falls off – but conceptually, it’s still more violent than anything done before in the already established franchise. quite actionable.

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Elizabeth gets all the attention

Elizabeth Swan is undoubtedly one of Keira Knightley’s finest period characters. Elizabeth is strong, brave and intelligent. Inevitably, she wins everyone’s hearts, and for most of the film’s length, she’s the center of attention for all the pirates, officers, blacksmiths, and governors.

exist Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, She gets all of Barbossa’s attention, though in this particular case it’s because he thinks Elizabeth is Bootstrap’s daughter. However, it’s safe to say that what the meme depicts doesn’t just happen in the first movie but in many cases, and everyone likes to consider the swan as their favorite character.

kraken is the symbol

Davy Jones’ pet is one of the most iconic mythical creatures of all time. The Kraken appears in many stories about pirates, and it’s no surprise that it plays an important role in But the pirate of the Caribbean. While some believe the creature is purely imaginary, it is theorized that sightings of the giant squid may be traced back to this myth (via insider).

So it’s interesting to imagine a giant squid emerging to ask the crew if they were marked with a black spot as the meme depicts. Although in real life, if a giant squid emerged, it probably wouldn’t be able to eat a certain Jack Sparrow because they’re so much smaller.

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