10 Best Anthony Anderson TV Shows & Movies, According To IMDb

Since the early 2000s, Anthony Anderson has become popular in comedy TV shows and movies, and occasionally surprises audiences with his more dramatic performances. Starting out with small roles and charismatic supporting roles, Anderson quickly caught the attention of major Hollywood actors.

Anderson started producing and gaining attention after some of his shows ended after a season partially black, which has been nominated for 25 Emmy Awards, is entering its eighth and final. Though things didn’t always go that way, Anderson has been in a number of great movies and shows over the years.

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004) – 7.0

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In a brief but memorable role, Anderson joined Harold and Kumar arrive at the White CastleWhen the duo asked at the drive-through window at Burger Shack if they wanted to drive to the popular restaurant, Anderson’s character helped convince them to begin the journey.

The film, which featured a supporting cast that included Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Reynolds, and Fred Willard, received surprisingly positive reviews, became a hit comedy, and continued to be made into films. next part. Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay And Very Harold & Kumar’s 3D Christmas.

Freedom Plateau (1999) – 7.0

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Ben Foster Rebecca Johnson Clock in Liberty Heights

from rain man Director Barry Levison, Freedom Plateau Describe how Baltimore residents deal with hostility between the black and Jewish communities. In his first film role, Anderson played Graffiti, a friend of local drug lord Melvin Jr. (Orlando Jones), in the feature film.

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The film did not earn much at the box office, but was well received by critics. The cast also includes Adrien Brody, Ben Foster and David Kluholz.

Transformer (2007) – 7.0

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Anthony Anderson as Glen Whitmann

at first Transformers In the film, Anderson plays Glenn Whitman, a nerdy hacker and friend of former NSA analyst Maggie Madsen (Rachel Taylor). As a comedic relief, Anderson’s character delivers humorous moments in this action-heavy drama.

Transformers It was a resounding success at the box office, and six more films have followed since. The cast includes Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Voight and Megan Fox in one of her best films.

Bernie Mac Show (2001-2006) – 7.1

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Bernie Mac and Anthony Anderson on The Bernie Mac Show

show mike bennie Follow the protagonist and his wife, Wanda (Kelita Smith), as they help raise their sister’s child during her recovery. Anderson appears in Season 5 as the father of one of Bernie’s nieces, Brianna (Dee Dee Davis).

The show was canceled after five seasons on Fox and was nominated for four Emmy Awards during its run. This season features a number of celebrity guest appearances, including Halle Berry, Chris Rock, and Ice Cube.

Darker (2014-2022) – 7.1

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Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross Talk About Black-Ish

In the hugely popular ABC sitcom, Anderson plays Dre Johnson, an advertising man struggling to raise his children in a predominantly white, upper-middle-class neighborhood in while grappling with their own cultural identity. Tracee Ellis Ross plays Rainbow’s wife, who is considered one of the best roles in the movie partially blacka biracial anesthesiologist.

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partially black Featuring a number of popular recurring cast members throughout the season, including Wanda Sykes, Laverne-Simone, and Rashida Jones, its success led to a spin-off. mature And Mixture.

Regrets and Flows (2005) – 7.3

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Hustle And Flow Anthony Anderson Terrence Howard Taryn Manning

hustle and flow Anderson is seen playing Key, a sound engineer and friend of pimp/drug lord DJay (Terrence Howard). When DJay discovers he has rapping skills, Key and his mixing buddy Shelby (DJ Qualls) help try to make DJay’s dream of new musical fame come true.

The film was nominated for two Academy Awards, with Three Six Mafia and Cedric Coleman unexpectedly winning Best Original Song. hustle and flow Also starring Ludacris, Taraji P. Henson and Taryn Manning.

Law & Order (1990-) – 7.7

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Kevin and Jeremy discuss a case in Law & Order

in season 18 laws and ordersAccording to Entertainment Weekly, Anderson filled Jesse L. Martin’s spot after his character Ed Green was dropped from the show at Martin’s request. As junior detective Kevin Bernard, Anderson frequently appeared on the show until the very end of the premiere.

The show is said to have spawned six spinoffs and plans to return for a 21st season in 2022, when Anderson will also return. durationOver the years, the show’s main cast has included Sam Waterston, Benjamin Bratt, and Jerry Auerbach.

Limit (2010-2013) – 8.2

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Treme Steve Zahn and Wendell Pierce

word creator wire david simon, Supreme Follow the lives of New Orleans residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Anderson joined the show in season 3 as Derek Watson, a waitress.

Supremeone of the most underrated shows of the 2010s, was nominated for six Emmy Awards and included the cast of Melissa Leo, Steve Zahn, and John Goodman in its four-season lineup.

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The Gone (2006) – 8.5

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Anthony Anderson in front of the gun in The Departed

According to IMDb, Martin Scorsese’s second best film starring Leonardo DiCaprio-Matt Damon tells the story of two moles (DiCaprio and Damon), one working for the police, the other working for the mob. , and they simultaneously try to infiltrate each other. organization.

Anderson plays Soldier Brown, a character who becomes important in the film’s climax and is a friend of DiCaprio’s character. No religion Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, the cast includes Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Vera Farmiga, and Martin Sheen.

Shield (2002-2008) – 8.7

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Anthony Anderson talks to Vic McGee in The Shield

The story takes place in the fictional Farmington district of Los Angeles, shield Focusing on the activities of the LAPD’s testing department, they use the best problem solving methods to solve cases. Anderson plays Antwan Mitchell, a ruthless drug lord who clashes with department officers in seasons 4-6.

shield It aired for seven seasons on FX, was nominated for six Emmy Awards, and boasted a main cast that included Michael Chiklis, Walton Goggins, and Glenn Close throughout its run.

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