12 The Little Mermaid 2023 Disney Easter Eggs & Hidden Details

Disney continues its successful live-action remake project with each of the latest animated movies and products in 2023 little MermaidLike any Disney remake, it’s filled with Easter eggs, references, and hidden details and changes. little Mermaid Tells the story of Ariel, a young mermaid mesmerized by the human world. After falling in love with the human prince, Ariel decides to go on a dangerous mission to experience human life and love.

This latest Disney movie is very close to the original 1989 animated film. Halle Bailey’s Ariel is still a curious red-haired teen whose problems put her in a dangerous situation. However, the film makes some changes, including a new song, a new setting, and dramatic CGI visuals that take viewers right into the ocean with the mermaid. more than that, little Mermaid Also includes many homages to its predecessor, from the reliefs to the hidden details. All in all, the film leaves a lot to explore for fans of Disney’s marine-loving princesses.

12 The Little Mermaid Themed Disney Opening Trailer

From the very beginning, Disney informed audiences of their latest creations by creating the iconic opening sequence. little Mermaid topic. In the clip “When you wish for a star”, the Disney castle appears and fireworks bloom in the background, replaced by a rushing waterfall, reminiscent of the rough sea scene in the movie, when the Disney castle turns to pink Prince Eric’s castle instead. “Part of Your World” also plays above the scene. Overall, this is a brief trailer that sets the tone for the upcoming film.

11 Andersen Quotes From The Mermaid Remake

little mermaid quote

Another reference that pops up even before the movie actually begins is a quote from Andersen. Andersen wrote the original little Mermaid The story takes place in 1837. Although his story is much darker than the Disney version, the stories are undeniably consistent, this little Mermaid The remake pays homage clearly to the author. Quoted as follows: “…But mermaids have no tears so they suffer more. ” This quote not only relates to Andersen’s original work, but also highlights Ariel’s personal struggle with her identity and the social norms imposed on her.

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10. Ariel finds the Telescope very important in the Little Mermaid remake

in the original 1989 little Mermaid, The main artifacts Ariel finds from the mainland are the “dolphin” and the statue of Erik that fell from his ship. However, in the 2023 remake, Ariel first finds the telescope Eric dropped in the ocean. While the object may seem innocuous, it becomes even more important as telescopes and the night sky become features of Ariel and Eric’s relationship.

Ariel first finds the telescope at the beginning of the movie, but isn’t sure how to use it. Then, in Eric’s map room, she sees a larger telescope and looks through it correctly. Finally, in “Kissing the Girl”, Eric points out the constellations to Ariel and explains how they help guide sailors at night, and Ariel even uses them to reveal her name to him. that. In this way, this small artifact became the main symbol of their connection and shared curiosity about the world.

9 Ariel’s sister has no name

mermaid sisters

Although an interesting fact of the original little Mermaid That means Ariel’s six sisters all have the same name as her and all start with the letter A. New little Mermaid completely eliminate this phenomenon. They all have names that end with A instead of names that start with A, leaving only the odd name Ariel. In the 2023 film, the sisters are named Pera, Indira, Mara, Tamika, Karina and Kaspia. It is a subtle change in detail from the original but also shows the difference between Lin Yichen and her sisters. The name Ariel implies that she is a rebel who has conflicts with her family.

8 skylights are Gannets, Not Seagulls

little Mermaid

Unexpected moments in 2023 little Mermaid That’s when the beloved Seagull character Scuttle meets Ariel underwater and is miraculously able to stay there. This inevitably makes the audience wonder: When will the seagulls be able to breathe underwater? In fact, Scuttle is not a seagull little Mermaid The remake is nothing but a gannet. Although he has the characteristic white plumage of an albatross, his black feet, blue eyes, and yellow patches suggest he is a different seabird.

A key aspect of gannets is their ability to dive deep into the ocean in search of food. Their wings and feet allow them to dive up to 70 feet underwater and stay there for 30 seconds. These facts are important because they are the reason behind the changes in Scuttle’s species. To keep Ariel from ever resurfacing, little Mermaid The creators who turned Scuttle into a bird can meet Ariel below to offer their false wisdom. This makes Ariel’s first appearance on the water all the more special.

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7 The Little Mermaid Remake Repeats Iconic Scenes

singing mermaid

in spite of little Mermaid The remake, unlike the original, isn’t too different, especially when it comes to iconic scenes from the animated film. In beloved musicals like “Part of Your World” and “Under the Sea,” audiences can watch Halle Bailey’s Ariel rise from her cave, Or land on a jellyfish bale like Ariel in the animated movie. 1989. In particular, there are many scenes in “Under the Sea” that recall the colorful and action-packed sea creatures in the original film.

In addition, other iconic scenes have been recreated, such as Ariel posing on a rock, singing “Part of Your World” as the sea rises behind her, or pulling her red hair away. Bounce in water. These shots bring the main nostalgic element to the remake. What’s more, they show that creators want to stay true to the original film in many ways, even when they’ve altered other movies.

6 Similarities Between Ariel’s Stone In The Little Mermaid Remake and Hans Christian Andersen’s Statue

little mermaid statue

exist little Mermaid In the remake, Ariel has a rock that she sits on and looks out as a mermaid and a human to see what’s happening on the shore. While the stone is a great plot device because it hides Ariel and allows her to have some private moments, it also has a deeper meaning. In memory of Hans Christian Andersen, there is a statue of a mermaid sitting on a rock in Copenhagen, Denmark. This rock is almost little Mermaid redo. In this way, the film pays another homage to Andersen by addressing Andersen and his legacy.

5 Ariel in a classic blue and pink dress

mermaid ariel human

In addition to the memorable green and purple mermaid looks, Ariel also has two other iconic outfits from the original. little Mermaid, Including her pink princess dress and her blue prom dress. The remake brings these aesthetic changes, offering a bit of nostalgia and homage to the first film. For example, for most of her human life, Ariel wore a blue puffy long-sleeve dress she wore when she went out with Eric. At the end of the film, Lam Y Than exchanged the blue dress for an identical pink dress, which can be understood as a consensus with another dress that appeared in the original film.

Eric’s map room parallel to Ariel’s cave

little mermaid ariel eric getting married

an interesting addition little Mermaid the remake is Eric’s map room. In the movie, Ariel stumbles upon various items she collected as a mermaid. Finally, Eric steps in and the two bond for the first time. The reason Eric’s map room is so important is because it resembles Ariel’s Grotto. Both characters have their own space where they can store their most precious items. In addition, the map room emphasizes Eric’s desire to explore and learn, traits that Ariel also has. In this way, the map room shows the similarities between the two despite being from different worlds.

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3 The Little Mermaid Remake takes place in the Caribbean

Halle Bailey emerges from the water as Ariel in 'The Little Mermaid'

while the original little Mermaid The exact location of the film was not provided, and the remake provides clues as to where the film takes place. As Ariel and Eric explore the map room, Eric guides Ariel through his map collection. Eric points to countries like Venezuela and Colombia, and when Ariel points to another place on the map, he says those are uncharted waters. That means they are on an island somewhere north of South America in the Caribbean. This is also emphasized by the costumes and culture shown in the film, especially when Ariel and Eric leave the castle.

2 Scuttlebutt is the actual word for rumor

Ariel and Sebastian in the underwater scene of The Little Mermaid

one of the new songs little Mermaid The remake is a tune called “The Scuttlebutt” sung by Scuttle and Sebastian. The song is about Scuttle flying in to tell Ariel and Sebastian the gossip he hears around the castle, though he seems to be talking around the matter rather than actually doing it. Although the song’s title seems to be directly related to Scuttle’s name and his goofy nature, the word scuttlebutt actually means directly to gossip or gossip. In this way, the title has a dual meaning, both as a synonym for what Scuttle is talking about and as an allusion to Scuttle and his humorous approach.

1 Jodi Benson is the shop owner in the Little Mermaid remake

The Little Mermaid Jodi Benson

The Most Important Easter Eggs Coming in 2023 little Mermaid It’s the salesman in Jody Benson’s cameo. Jodi Benson, who voiced Ariel in the 1989 animated film, now appears in real life as a salesman in the remake. In the scene, Ariel is shopping and Jodi Benson gives her a bowl of food. Before leaving, Benson gives Ariel a fork and the mermaid begins to comb her hair with it. An incredibly nostalgic and somewhat symbolic moment, when Benson passes “dinglehopper” to Halle Bailey. This is the best reference so far little Mermaid redo.

Like most Disney live-action remakes, little MermaidOffers lots of nostalgia and new experiences. Despite making a number of different choices, the film sticks to its source material in many ways, with lots of easter eggs and references throughout. In doing so, the creators created a movie that brings back childhood memories to older audiences while also bringing a colorful new version to younger audiences.

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