Karen E. Laine Will Be Featured As The Host Of HGTV’s “Good Bones: Better Yard”

Karen E. Laine is a remodeling expert who will soon be broadcasting Good Bones: Better Yard 2022 on HGTV. The show will launch online on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at 8/9. In Good Bones: Better Yard 2022, horticulturist Karen will pursue her passion for renovating Indianapolis’s outdoor spaces to their fullest potential.

Better Yard Good Bones host Karen works as a full-time attorney.

Karen was a full-time attorney before becoming a professional reformer, after working at the Marion County District Attorney’s Office and Jensen Law. She attended Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law and began her legal career as an associate attorney at Cohen & Malad in 1990. She later worked in various offices and public institutions. different law firms until 2017, when she applied for a “leave”.

In a 2017 POPSUGAR interview, Karen said:

“I’m still a lawyer.” I’m on some kind of vacation. “I’ve eliminated most of my clients, but I still have a few left.”

The Good Bones: The Better Yard owner’s passion for home improvement began when her daughter, Mina Starsiak, bought a dilapidated home for $37,500. Mina asks her mother to help her fix the house. After this house, Karen and Mina began to move in between daily jobs.

Mina says:

“Mom has a full-time job as a lawyer and I work as a waiter full-time too, and we do it on holidays and weekends.”

The mother-daughter team decided to renew their full-time business after a third or fourth project. They founded their own remodeling company, Two Chicks and a Hammer, in 2008. Their goal is to renovate a property in each of their favorite neighborhoods. They also recorded their first episode on flip cam and sent it to HGTV. The series has been renewed for the entire first season. The mother-daughter group made their television debut in 2016 with Good Bones. Mina stated in 2017:

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“HGTV]picked us for a pilot that aired last May (2016).”

Karen E Laine

However, Karen announced her retirement from Good Bones in September 2019 to spend more time with her husband Roger, who has been diagnosed with cancer. In Good Bones: Better Yard 2022, the star once again wields a sledgehammer to renovate the outdoor space.

In Good Bones: Better Yard 2022, Karen surprised a young couple with a garden change.

Karen will help a young couple about to become parents decorate their yard in the first episode of a series called A Forever Yard. The young couple’s yard is in disrepair and is full of rodents, poison ivy, and dead trees. Because of the yard, the couple decided to sell the house. On the other hand, Karen and her team of experts saved their home by creating a multi-purpose outdoor oasis for the family. The official episode summary is as follows:

“As a result, there will be an enchanting courtyard with various play and entertainment areas, as well as a kitchen, fireplace, basketball court and secret garden.”

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On Tuesday, HGTV will air a new episode of Good Bones: Better Yard 2022.

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