Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Mistakes Weevil Made With His Deck

Underwood beetles are Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese animation. He’s been pretty consistent throughout the show, causing problems frequently and generally being a problem, though he’s never really made a big deal out of it. At least, he tried his best.

Overall, Weevil Underwood is not a great fighter at all, and that depends a lot on how his deck is built. His insect-filled deck really isn’t that strong. Perhaps, with a different look and a little change, it would have been much better.

his insects are not so strong

Weevil’s deck is filled with low-level insect monsters that aren’t very strong. While the effects of some of these monsters are sometimes well worth it, in general his main line of monsters isn’t very strong and doesn’t really compare to other characters.

His main monster series isn’t great in the grand scheme of things, but his boss monsters are probably worse.

Perfect Ultimate Big Moth

Yu-Gi-Oh!Ultimate Big Moth Duel Kingdom

The Perfect Moth is an extremely scary monster. It has no value and should not be in anyone’s deck. Monsters can only be summoned while the Evolved Cocoon is on the field for 5 turns – 5 turns!

That is completely crazy. No monster can live that long, and after all you do, all you get is a slightly stronger hit stick and 3500 attack points. Not worth the investment.

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insect queen

Woodworm Insect Queen Yu-Gi-Oh!

The queen is also a very bad monster. It requires two tributes, has 2200 attack points, and requires an extra tribute to declare an attack. This is clearly a scary boss monster.

Of course, if she kills an opponent’s monster, she automatically summons tokens every turn and gets 200 attack points for each insect on the field, but she’s still not worth it. Queen is a bad card, but at least not as bad as the Perfect Ultimate Moth.

His combo is easily destroyed

Were Yu Gi Oh

Weevils have a very common tactic of turning an opponent’s monster into an insect and then blocking their attack with an insect barrier.

That seemed like a great strategy, and it really confused all of his opponents. However, this can be easily circumvented. A mysterious space storm will upset this strategy. Strangely no one in the anime noticed this.

evolution cocoon

The evolved cocoon Yu-Gi-Oh!

This has already been mentioned once, but Weevil has a card in his deck called Evolution Cocoon, which must be played for five turns to give the Perfect Ultimate Moth.

This card has only 2000 defense and 0 attack. It’s not easy to keep it on the field for that long. And, as mentioned, it’s not worth it either.

have to cheat to win

Whether he steals the Duelist Kingdom rule book to learn about field power bonuses or sneaks cards into Joey’s deck before a match, Weevil has to cheat in a duel. And he still loses often.

If Wee has to cheat in a duel, it’s definitely because he doesn’t believe his deck will allow him to win. It never was, and still is.

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Some spells and traps

Weevil throws Exodia off the ship to Duelist Kingdom Yu-Gi-Oh!

Aside from the aforementioned cards like the Insect Barrier, Weevil doesn’t have many spell or trap cards in his deck. Most of the cards he deals are monsters, which is fine, but unlikely to help him win.

A more balanced deck would serve Weevil well. Spells and traps will give his deck more utility. Also, a special card will really help his deck a lot. A card that removes the opponent’s card from the field.

not deleted

Yu-Gi-Oh card art!Mysterious space storm

Throwing in a simple Mystic Space Typhoon or two can really improve Weevil’s deck. There was absolutely nothing he could do to stop his opponent from using spells and card traps that could destroy his strategy.

As mentioned, his entire strategy can be disrupted by a single spell card, so Mystic Space Typhoon can really help him in that regard.

Poison Butterfly Attacker

Yu-Gi-Oh!  Weeds are exterminated

During this period wake up dragon During part of the show, Weevil uses a poisonous butterfly in his opponent’s game, in this case causing him to lose 500 health points per turn. In the master plan of things, that’s not much of a hit.

It takes at least 8 rounds to eliminate an opponent this way. Since Poison Butterfly also has some decent stats, Weevil won’t be easily defeated if he needs to reverse course.


Joey vs Weevil in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Overall, Weevil’s strategy is very predictable. He uses exactly the same cards every season. Weevil uses the same strategy, and also doesn’t have any notable combos other than his Insect Shield which, as mentioned, is easy to dismantle.

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Weevils don’t make a good deck at all. He wasn’t there when introduced in season one, and things went awry until the series ended in season five. There’s a reason he has almost no onscreen wins.

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