WWE legend Virgil dies at 61

Michael Jones, best known as WWE legend Virgil and Ted DiBiase’s personal bodyguard, has passed away at the age of 61.

Mark Charles III, a wrestling referee, took to Facebook to announce the shocking news on Wednesday, February 28. “My dear friends, it is with great sadness that I bring you news from the Jones family regarding the passing of our beloved Michael Jones. ” reads the publication. “Who we know and love like Virgil, Vincent, Soul Train Jones and more. Virgilio passed away peacefully in the hospital this morning and I ask that you pray for him and his family. May the memory of him be eternal! “

Virgil made his wrestling debut in 1985 and competed for promotions such as the Championship Wrestling Association, where he held the heavyweight title. He was also in the tag team championship with Rocky Johnson.

He eventually moved on to WWE, where he gained popularity with DiBiase. However, he finally turned on DiBiase at Summerslam 1991. He also defeated him at WrestleMania VII.

After his time in the National Wrestling Conference, Virgil debuted with WCW under a new name: Vincent. He became the nWo’s head of security. He worked with several wrestling stars, including Hulk Hogan, until his official departure in 1999.

However, Virgil returned to WWE in 2010 as Ted DiBiase Jr.’s bodyguard. He also made appearances in AEW as Soul Train Jones.

Jones had spoken highly of DiBiase Jr. “Ted DiBiase’s quality as a wrestler was only matched by Ted DiBiase’s quality as a man. We were together every day for years and never had a single fight. They were two men who got along well as gentlemen, professionals and friends. Together, we were the biggest act in sports entertainment.”

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Virgil was diagnosed with dementia in 2022 and suffered two minor strokes

Slam Wrestling reported that in 2022, Virgil was diagnosed with dementia and suffered two minor strokes.

Although he claimed that he had been diagnosed with stage two colon cancer that same year, Virgil’s sister Toni told Charles that was not the case. “Tonig said there was never cancer,” Charles noted.

Despite his most recent health problems, Jones had been quite active following the end of his wrestling career. Notably, he earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Virginia. He had also talked about the life lessons he learned while fighting.

“Along the way, you learn to respect people,” Jones once explained. “That is a lesson that can be useful for my students or for any student. “WWE is a first-class organization, and while you are there you learn how to become a first-class individual,” he told Hoffman.

“You learn to control yourself in different situations, to behave around people, to bite your tongue and to turn the other cheek and walk away. “All of that translates into the real world.”

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