Rumor: Destiny 2 Year 3 Leaks Reveal Game’s Future Plans

A user who appears related to famed Destiny 2 leaker AnonTheNine has made released some information regarding the game’s future, including Destiny 2 Year 3 plans. A user named ShadowOfAnonTheNine leaked the information on the Destiny subreddit yesterday, and the rumors have begun to pick up steam since then.

Destiny 2 is currently in the midst of its Season of the Drifter, a content update that has been well-received and an early indication that the game could be heading into a bright future now that Activision and Bungie have parted ways. The game has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the course of its existence since its release in 2017, although the fact of the matter is, despite content that has occasionally been excellent, the games Forsaken DLC sales were disappointing and Destiny 2 Year 3 plans will inevitably need to address that fact.

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According to the leak from ShadowOfAnonTheNine, which first appeared on Reddit, Destiny 2 Year 3 plans currently revolve around a DLC model that will bring similar content updates to Black Armory and Joker’s Wild. The biggest takeaway from the leak is that Year 3 will not feature a major expansion like Taken King or Forsaken, and will instead prioritize the smaller but still meaty content updates players have seen lately. Accordingly, the Year 3 Annual Pass will apparently also feature a much bigger DLC instalment as its first offering to help sate players.

The leak wasn’t just about the potential of Destiny 2 Year 3, though. It also included a number of important observations about what the content in Destiny 3 will actually encompass. According to rumor, Destiny 2 Year 3 will see players visit Old Chicago, Europa, and Venus, and will finally let players visit the pyramid ship that has been teased since the release of Destiny 2. Apparently, that ship will be the flagship of the Veil, new “Astrodemons” who are servants of the Darkness in a similar manner to the way Guardians serve the Light. The Year 3 content will showcase the return of the Veil as they attempt to resurrect their dead god and slay the Traveler.

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Apparently, Destiny 2 Year 3 will be the segue into a new direction for Destiny 3, which will apparently cater more to a hardcore audience than previous iterations of the series. Destiny 3 content will focus on Old Chicago, Europa, and a return to Venus, while new enemies known as The Veil. There will also be Darkness-related abilities that Guardians will gain access to. That’s consistent with other rumors that suggest Destiny 3 will also add more RPG elements to its design approach, which will make customization more difficult and rewarding.

It’s important to remember that these leaks are just rumors until an official statement from Bungie or more concrete evidence arises. Still, AnonTheNine is an infamous leaker in the Destiny 2 community who managed to predict that Thorn would be returning, and that the Thunderlord and Last Word rumors were true. With that kind of track record, it’s worth paying some attention to the rumors being circulated by someone who is supposedly in close contact with Anon. Destiny 2 Year 3 plans may be obscure still, but at least fans have something to look forward to and speculate on while awaiting official confirmation on the content from Bungie.

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Source: ShadowOfAnonTheNine

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