Why The MCU Star Who Wants To Be Recast As Doctor Doom After Their Phase 5 Death Is Perfect For The Role


  • Ben Mendelsohn has outlined his desire to play Doctor Doom, with his acting skills and connection to Marvel making him an ideal choice for the Marvel Cinematic Universe villain.
  • The character of Doctor Doom avoided recasting issues due to his metal mask and underlying facial imperfections, which made Mendelsohn’s brilliance incomparable to that of his previous Marvel movie character, Talos.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history of casting actors for multiple roles supports the idea that Mendelsohn was able to successfully play the iconic villain after playing Talos.

A Marvel Cinematic Universe star who was killed off in Phase 5 wants to play Doctor Doom, and they could be the perfect choice for a Phase 6 villain. Marvel Studios has reportedly announced that Kang the Conqueror will no longer be the main villain of the multiverse saga, and attention has since turned to Doctor Doom as his replacement. Avengers: Secret Wars. Given Doom’s integral role in Doom, this is certainly a viable option. secret wars comic books, which could use a little help from the MCU Fantastic Four The reboot is scheduled to be released in 2025.

Although the villain Fantastic Four With the movie reportedly titled Galactus , Doom could easily be a preview of future characters. As attention turns to how Doom will fit into the slate of upcoming Marvel movies, just as much attention is focused on who will be chosen to play the iconic villain. Interestingly, one candidate has already revealed that he will be playing Doctor Doom: Talos actor Ben Mendelsohn.After Talos’ untimely death in Phase 5 secret invasionMendelsohn has made his desire to play Doom clear, and may prove to be an excellent choice.

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The recently released trailers for “Deadpool” and “Wolverine” have also sparked discussion about the possibility of “Doom” appearing in the 2024 movie.

Related Wait, Is Doctor Doom in the Deadpool and Wolverine Trailers? ! The first Deadpool vs. Wolverine trailer could reveal the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next major villain, or a version of him, by showing off Doctor Doom.

Ben Mendelsohn has the acting talent and Marvel history to make the perfect Doctor Doom

There are several aspects of Mendelssohn’s career that prove his performance as Victor von Doom could be stunning.

Mendelsohn recently said he would be willing to play Doom not only because of his connection to the Marvel brand, but simply because he’s such a great actor. Mendelsohn has long been an actor revered for his talent, as evidenced by his performance on Netflix. bloodline He is known for his roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Star Wars. In addition to Mendelsohn’s obvious strengths as an actor, he has expressed on more than one occasion his desire to play the role of Doctor Doom.

Mendelsohn is promoting his seemingly final MCU project in June 2023 secret invasionthe actor told pack He considers Doctor Doom to be the best Marvel character in the series’ history.Mendelsohn noted that Doom’s backstory is one of the best in Marvel comics, even stating “The Fantastic Four suck” A hilarious attack on Doom’s main enemy. Combined with Mendelsohn’s acting abilities, his past with Marvel Studios, and his obvious love for Doom, it seemed like the perfect choice to bring the villain to life.

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Why Doctor Doom avoids the only drawback of once again recasting an existing MCU character in the series

There’s an inherent quality to Doctor Doom’s character that would avoid the problems of Marvel Cinematic Universe recasting.

The cuckolded Doctor Doom in Marvel comics

Doctor Doom is one of the only characters that could be adapted from a Marvel comic to avoid the one drawback of reprising the role of a former franchise actor.

Mendelsohn said he would love to play Doctor Doom, sparking debate that recasting existing actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t work. However, Doctor Doom is one of the only characters that could be adapted from a Marvel comic to avoid the one drawback of former franchise actors reprising their roles. The reason for this stems from Doom’s iconic appearance, with the character often wearing a metal mask. This alone would provide Mendelsohn with the opportunity to play Doom without comparisons to Talos, as the actor’s face would be hidden.

Beneath the metal mask, Victor von Doom’s face is scarred by explosions in Marvel Comics’ backstory

Additionally, another aspect of Doom’s character meant that Mendelsohn could play the villain even without his iconic mask. Beneath the metal mask, Victor von Doom’s face is scarred from the explosions in his Marvel Comics backstory. This means that even if Doom is revealed in the Marvel Universe, the prosthetics that may have been used to disfigure his face could cause a difference in resemblance between him and Mendelsohn’s Talos.

MCU casting history proves Ben Mendelsohn could be Doctor Doom

The series is no stranger to having actors play multiple roles.

Finally, the final element of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that proves Mendelsohn can play Doctor Doom is the series’ recast history. There’s a common belief when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that actors can’t play multiple characters, although this is wrong. This belief stems from the notion that major actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth or other original Avengers have never played anything other than their leading roles. anyone. That said, there are several characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe played by actors who have played multiple Marvel characters.

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While there are many more Marvel movie actors playing multiple roles, too numerous to count, the examples provided are enough to prove that Mendelsohn could play Doctor Doom. Additionally, Mendelsohn’s first character, Talos, was a Skrull, meaning that most of his appearances were as green shapeshifters. For all of the above reasons, as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s previous willingness to recast some of its main cast members, Ben Mendelsohn might be the perfect choice to bring Doctor Doom back to life.

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