Why Martha Stewart decided to cancel Thanksgiving dinner this year

Find out why the “Queen of Thanksgiving” is taking a break this year.

Martha Stewart is doing things a little different this year for Thanksgiving. In fact, the cookbook author announced that she will be taking a break from cooking this year.

On Thursday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 82-year-old lifestyle mogul and television personality shared that she decided to opt out of hosting a Thanksgiving meal this year. Instead, she will celebrate the holiday by visiting friends.

“I gave up Thanksgiving. I canceled,” Stewart said. “Nine guests canceled because someone got sick. So I called my chef friend and said, ‘We’re not doing Thanksgiving.'”


The fact that Stewart had already prepared more than a dozen meals in anticipation of the upcoming vacation was also part of the reason why Marta Hornea The student decided to cancel.

By Peopleexplained Stewart, “I’ve also cooked 14 turkeys for my TV show and I have yet to [cook] one more turkey in the Today show. So forget it.”

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In last Thursday’s edition of Today On the show, Stewart made an appearance and shared his tips for making the perfect turkey as part of the NBC The morning show’s eighth annual “Thanksgiving All-Star Special.”

After hearing Stewart’s story, TV host Kelly Clarkson, 41, asked the mother of one of them if she was “totally scared.”

“I’m scared,” she agreed.

However, Stewart won’t neglect delicious foods this Thanksgiving season. The lifestyle guru mentioned that she will be on the go this Thanksgiving, going from house to house to try various dishes prepared by her friends.

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“I made a plan,” he shared. “Of course, my friends invited me to their house, so I’ll go to about five different houses to try different dishes.”

“Those friends must be very stressed,” Clarkson said.

Stewart chuckled before saying, “Oh, I hope so.”

Clarkson then joked, “If you came to my house, I’d probably lie and say I cooked it and someone else would make it.”

Everyone deserves a break! Let’s hope Martha Stewart’s friends can impress the veteran home cooking chef.

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