Why Does Vecna Keep His Victims’ Bodies?

Warning: Contains spoilers strange things Season 4.

strange things Season 4 introduces the bodies of Vecna’s (Jamie Campbell Bower) teenage Hawkins victims in his Mindscape – but why is he keeping them? The first victim of Vecna ​​season 4 is Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien), who targets her body-shaming mother’s heartbreak. Likewise, Vecna’s subsequent victims each have their own traumatic histories – school reporter Fred Benson (Logan Riley Bruner) gets involved in a fatal car crash and flees the present day. At school, basketball player Patrick McKinney (Myles Truitt) has an abusive father. Finally, Vecna ​​also takes aim at Max (Sadie Sink) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) for their own traumatic pasts tied to the death of someone important to them.

In the end, it revealed strange things In the final season of season 4, the reason Vecner killed the teenager Hawkins was to create a giant portal that combined his right side with his left side – he specifically needed four bodies to do this. Max first meets Vecna’s Mindscape in the Stranger Things episode “Dear Billy”, where she discovers a psychic iteration of Chrissy and Fred’s disfigured bodies trapped in a tree trunk-like structure. The bodies found in Vecna’s Mindscape were only his most recent victims – Vecna’s sister and mother were not seen, nor were they victims of the Hawkins Laboratory massacre. This suggests that the bodies of Vecna’s recent victims, even the metaphorical works of Mindscape, should be used for a deeper purpose.

Understanding why Vecna ​​kept holding onto his victims helps explain why he killed them in the first place. At last, Strange things Vecna ​​waited seven years before he started killing again, and his latest Hawkins victims don’t look like his family and the victims in Hawkins’ lab because they’re completely distant. strange to Venice. With this in mind, it begs the question why Vecna ​​stalked her victims for days with the aim of obtaining them.”participate” He died and remained in his Mindscape waiting for the portal to open. These are the corpses in Vecna’s Mindscape that can be collected from strange things Shown in Season 4.

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Why is the body in Vecna’s Mindscape

Vecna’s Mindscape is separate from heads and upsides – so the body in Mindscape is bogus. In the aftermath of Chrissy’s respective deaths, Fred and Patrick reveal that their bodies remain in the physical world to reinforce their separate mental existences in Vecna’s Mindscape. Like Max can step into Vecna strange things In Season 5, Vecna ​​absorbs the essence of her victims after they kill them. Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) clarifies that Vecna”Consumption” His victims because he doesn’t care about just killing them – that means Vecna ​​takes everything from one person. While in Mindscape, Vecna ​​can do what he wants with his victims outside of their bodies, including opening giant doors.

Victims of Vecna ​​Can Become Worshipers of Vecna ​​in Season 5

Vecna ​​on top in Stranger Things Episode 4 Episode 1

It’s unclear if his latest victim’s body will still be in Mindscape after Vecna ​​prompts the Gate to open, especially since he’s mortally wounded. However, if they were to come back strange things In Season 5, this may have been a pre-planned purpose for Vecna’s sake. As Will’s connection to Vecna ​​suggests, Vecna ​​can use her victims to create “his own”Venetian sect” Military, he may not be able to deal with his former victims. strange things Season 4, Episode 1 “Hellfire Club” is really here research and development The game mentions that the Vecna ​​Cult has removed their hoods to reveal recognizable faces. Vecna ​​is a resourceful character who created the Upside Down. Therefore, it is very likely that he will use his Victim Essence as a tool in the future to fight more actively. strange things Part 5.

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