How to Get Purified Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

exist Disney Dream Valley Pure Shadow Shard is a unique item that the player can craft using Dream Shards and Shadow Shards. However, unlike most other crafting items in the game, which often serve different purposes, the Pure Shadow Shards are Dream valley Primarily used as key items in friendship quests, shards are sometimes claimed by many of the Disney characters in the game.

While completing friendship quests is a great way to improve friendship Disney Dream Valleyit’s good to have a lot of Purification Night Fragments in hand. Although the game offers crafting recipes dream light valley Purified Night Shards, requires 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shard, it doesn’t tell the player where to find these 2 ingredients, just search “everywhere” in the valley. However, this trick is more useful than it looks.

Finding Fragments of Night and Fragments of Dreams in the Valley of Dreams

Since Nightshards and Dreamshards are “popular”, this means players don’t have to spend a lot of Dreamlights to unlock expensive new biomes to get pure Nightshards Dream valleyBoth Night Shards and Dream Shards can be found in the Peaceful Meadow and Village Plaza areas during the game’s prologue.

Before embarking on a journey to find ingredients to make Cleansing Night Shard Dream valley, players may want to use pentagrams to add some extra tiles to increase their inventory space, as dream shards have a fairly low drop rate. Dream Fragments can be found in all biomes from three main sources:

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Dig a glowing mound in the ground.

Use magic to eliminate Nightthorn.

Feed the creatures in the valley with their favorite treats.

when the dream fragments are inside Dream valley Can appear when the player casts their special spell to clear the Nightbriar, doing so has a very low drop rate to actually get the Dream Shard.

Due to the low drop rate of Dream Shards, players may encounter other useful items or even additional Shadow Shards when trying to get all the ingredients for the Cleansing Shade Fragment crafting. Dream valley. However, don’t throw away the extras! Players should find a place to store them for future crafting needs or other uses Dream valley friendship mission.

The dreamy valley of light receives fragments of the night of purification

Disney Dream Valley players dig up dream pieces

New Night Thorns are generated daily, so there’s always a chance to get more Dream Shards if the player waits long enough. However, this is quite inefficient. Likewise, feeding Dream valley The animal’s favorite food gives the player some rewards, but the dream shard does not have to be dropped.

Best way to get enough items to get Pure Dream Shards Dream valley is for the player to mine all the glowing mounds that appear throughout the valley. Unfortunately, these mounds are also the sole source of the Night Piece Dream valley, so the player who mines them will effectively search for both components at the same time. Fortunately, Night Shards have a higher drop rate, so you can get more than you need.

Crafting pure night shards in Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dream Valley players crafting pure night pieces at the crafting station

Once the player has collected enough materials (at least 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shard), they should head to the nearest crafting station Dream valley Turn them into pure Shadow Shards. Many friend requests require the player to provide multiple Purifying Shadow Shards, so to avoid backtracking make sure you’re calculating how many Shadow Shards and Dream Shards you need (20 Shadow Shards and 4 Dream Shards make 4 dream light valley Example: Pure Night Fragment).

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Unless the player has significantly changed the location and appearance of their island, in Dream valley It can be found at:

There’s a desk next to Goofy’s house.

There is a crafting table in Scrooge’s shop.

Scrooge provides players with a crafting table that can be placed anywhere.

It is worth noting that players should not craft more Night of Cleansing shards than necessary, as they are sold for very low prices and Dream Shards are difficult to find in Dream valley.Dream Shards are also used to craft Dreamlight, an invaluable resource for everyone Disney Dream Valley Required to unlock new biomes and continue the story. Therefore, players should only use Dream valley Because they need it right now.

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