Why David Caruso Retired After CSI: Miami (Will He Return For Vegas?)

Here’s Why David Caruso Quits Show Business Miami – if he can be a guest CSI: Vegas. After starting her career with small roles in TV shows hill town bluesCaruso went on to become a professional actor in the 1980s. He played a supporting role in 1982 first drop of blood -The Stallone case is almost non-existent- twin The hit crime thriller with Abel Ferrara king of new york. Caruso takes on a big role as the Man of Steel in the movie Police blue As Detective John Kelly. Even among the great cast, Caruso stands out the most, but the actor is known for always giving him attention and praise.

With his dream of becoming a movie star and behind-the-scenes behavior alienating the cast and crew, he was dropped from blue Four episodes of the second season. His plan to become a big star also failed, erotic thriller Jade and new black kiss of death – Get solid reviews – it’s all bombed. Caruso’s career stagnated somewhat during this time, but he was a huge hit after signing to play with Horatio Kane in the extension. Miami.

First introduced in a crossover episode crime scene investigationAfter that, Caruso quickly made the character Kane his own. This character is a former bomb squad officer and homicide detective who heads the CSI crime lab in Miami. The show provided an unexpected return for Caruso, who soon became a meme for his incredible tendency to wear sunglasses after saying a bad pun. The actor continues to appear in every episode CSI: Miami Ten seasons, and while the show was hugely popular during its run, it’s worth noting that it didn’t have a series finale. The show was canceled due to falling ratings and rising production costs, and after it ended, David Caruso took a break.

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Caruso also did not make any announcements about his retirement, after Miami – Kill the minor character Speed ​​in Season 3 – Upon completion, he entered the art business and opened a gallery in California. The gallery then closed in the late 2010s and Caruso doesn’t seem to be involved in the art world anymore. Considering how lucrative Caruso’s time with Kane was, he may decide to retire for the sake of the highlight of his career and explore other interests.

from Miami There’s no proper ending, but there’s still room for the latest franchise move CSI: Vegas Provide some closure for Kane. That said, David Caruso seems happy to retire and leave the business, so a cameo appearance or a return to television full-time is questionable. It should be noted that William Peterson – who played Jill Gleeson on the show – did not appear in a movie or TV show for about six years before returning. vegas‘ season one, so Caruso’s return may not be entirely out of the question.

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