Castle Story MOD APK (Menu/Free In-app Purchase) 4.0

Castle Story is a casual puzzle game set in a distant castle. After a royal battle, the castle was abandoned. The king’s family had to move to another place. By the time their daughter, Princess Alice, had grown up and returned, the castle was covered in dust. With the desire to clean and restore the castle to its former glory. Princess Alice sets out to clean, search, and hire someone to restore the massive castle. Open the gate that has rusted with time and step into the courtyard filled with dry leaves. Entering the castle, everything is scattered, piled up and needs to be cleaned up.

The princess wore a purple dress and braided her brown hair behind her head. On the head is also a small heart-shaped crown inlaid with a purple gem. When he saw the castle in front of him, a sad expression appeared on his face. Every step the princess takes has a dialogue shown in a white dialog box at the bottom of the screen. Players follow these lines to understand the game’s path and plot. If you think the conversation is too long, you can click the skip button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Dialogues are fast-forwarded so the player can continue the game in progress.

Download Castle Story mod – clean and restore castle with beautiful Princess Alice.

Coming to Castle Story, Princess Alice can also make new friends. Players can earn coins and roll through puzzle games. Gold coins are used to buy lives or support tools. The scrolls wrapped with purple ribbon were the items used in the quests. Click on the blue task panel in the left corner of the screen. Here, players can see what needs to be done to restore and clean up the castle. For example, removing cobwebs and clearing rooms requires a certain number of scrolls. Clean the inside and outside of the castle such as the garden, the gate, etc.

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Puzzle game

To get the quest scroll, players need to join the Castle Story puzzle game. After clicking on the green triangle level. The game has a fairly simple gameplay. Just match 3 or more balls of the same color and shape to make them disappear. Each level has specific requirements. Like collecting some red apples. Or how many planes can appear, special shapes, etc. The game also has a limited number of supporting vehicles in the upper right corner of the screen. Magnifying glass to find moving water, changing gloves, hammer breaking goods, …

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gather your friends

The long-lost Princess Alice is back and the castle is too big. She can’t easily clean the whole room by herself. That’s why she needs the help of her friends and Alice invites them to her house. The knight wears gray armor with a blue suit underneath. A duke with a beard, white hair, a stern face, and a white bow around his neck. Chef with round belly, apron and pure white hat. The king looked serious. The man wears a luxurious red suit, holding a staff inlaid with purple pearls. The cheerful maid always helps Alice with a smile.

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your style

After cleaning each area. Players can decorate items with new items. Change the look of the room, from wall paint, furniture;… Each piece of furniture or color Castle Story offers three options for players to change as they like. Choose from three designs followed by yellow light. The object was placed where it should be. For example, the salon lobby has 3 colors of blue, red, and yellow, the design of the handrail is a little different. Design your bedroom in a classic style or opt for a modern style. A pink bed with curtains hanging at the four corners.

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castle story apk

The player with five lives arranged in a heart shape is the largest. In addition to the above tasks, Castle Story also has birthday events, Halloween, … to earn more unique and new designs. After cleaning and decorating the living room area, the player can unlock the adjacent room. Kitchen, dining room, bedroom, movie room… In addition, you can join a group to perform tasks together. You can even get lives from them if you run out of lives in a puzzle game. Follow the plot and see what happens in the love story of the princess and the knight. Download the Castle Story mod and return Princess Alice’s castle to its splendor.

Download Castle Story MOD APK for Android (Free Menu/In-App Purchase)

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