Who Is Valerie Schmid? Meet Sigi Schmid Wife: Married Life And Kids

The marital status of the late German-American football coach is often questioned. Sigi Schmid’s wife is Valerie Schmid, but let’s not forget about the children. Siegfried “Sigi” Schmid, born on March 20, 1953, was a legendary figure in football. He was the German-American with the most wins in Major League Soccer (MLS) history.

Schmid, who was born in Tübingen, West Germany, began a journey that took him to the United States as a child. He made an impact as a player during his college years, starting as a midfielder for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) from 1972 to 1975. Schmid’s influence extended to college coaching, where he led the UCLA Bruins to three consecutive national championships in 1985, 1990 and 1997. However, on December 25, 2018, the football world lost a great legend when Sigi Schmid died.

Who is Valerie Schmid, Sigi Schmid’s wife?

Sigi Schmid, the great MLS coach known for his unparalleled dominance in the league, was married to Valerie Schmid. Valerie Schmid, on the other hand, had a rather discreet life, with little information about her in the public eye. Namely, the date of the couple’s wedding remains unknown, which further increases the intrigue surrounding their personal lives. Valerie, despite her modest profile, supported her husband throughout his long career.

Sigi Schmid had health problems in his last years, including weight and heart problems, and Valerie was by his side, providing him with care and courage during these difficult times. Sigi Schmid tragically passed away on December 25, 2018, leaving a void in football. Valerie had no idea that she would say goodbye to her husband so soon. Sigi’s death was deeply felt by the soccer community and Valerie, who cherishes his memories and definitely misses his presence.

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Valerie Schmid’s commitment to privacy reflects her devotion to her family and spouse in an age of increasing public exposure. Although she may have remained unknown to the general public, her persistent support and presence in Sigi Schmid’s life had an enormous emotional and professional impact.

Children of Valerie Schmid: Erik, Lacey, Kurt and Kyle

Valerie Schmid, wife of the late famous MLS coach Sigi Schmid, had four children with him: Erik, Lacey, Kurt and Kyle. These young people have taken different courses in their work and life. Although detailed information about Erik Schmid’s work is not readily available in the sources presented, it is evident that he is a member of the Schmid family legacy. Lacey Schmid took the plunge and got married. Sigi Schmid, a devoted family man, took time out of his rigorous MLS coaching job to attend her wedding, stressing the value of family in his life.

Sigi Schmid

Kurt Schmid, on the other hand, has built a name for himself in football. He was Chief Scout of Sounders FC and Director of Personnel and Player Scouting for LA Galaxy. Kyle Schmid began his soccer career as a defender at UC Irvine and went on to play in the USL Premier Development League for Orange County Blue Star. According to some reports, he has been named the head coach at Loyola Marymount University. Sigi Schmid made a point of supporting and celebrating major milestones in his children’s lives despite his busy schedule as a successful MLS coach. He didn’t miss Lacey and Kurt’s wedding or Kurt’s graduation.

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