Who Is Ben Waites From “America’s Got Talent”?

Ben Waites will audition for NBC’s America’s Got Talent (AGT) on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 at 8:00 PM ET. He and the other contestants will give their best performances to impress the judges and the live audience in order to advance and possibly win the competition. The AGT contestant was shown singing his original song “True Colors” in an early announcement clip released by NBC that had judge Sofia Vergara in tears and clapping along with the other two judges, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum.

He discovered Chromesthesia, a form of synthesis in which sounds automatically inspire the perception of color, shape or movement, during his early singing career. He is a vocal instructor and dedicated his performance to his students.

Ben Waites was born with a medical problem.

Ben Waites’ performance is guaranteed to wow the AGT judges and audience alike. Given that he got a standing ovation from the judges, he might make it to the next round. The singer had to overcome personal challenges to compete, and she had to come out strong while still fighting them. However, with the help of his music, he overcame his difficulties.

Ben was born in 1989 with arthrogryposis, a medical condition. This disease affects joints, most often hands and feet. Ben, on the other hand, did not let himself be swayed and continued to brighten his own mood and that of others with his songs. The AGT contestant was raised by his grandparents who instilled in him strong Christian ideals. He was raised with a deep faith in God, which helped him persevere through terrible life circumstances. Ben was influenced at an early age by his grandfather, a prominent singer and creator of the Gospel Tones Quartet.

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Although initially completely deaf, he quickly developed “mental vision” where he could associate different colors with his melodies. He matched the colors he imagined with the terrain. He detailed how he found his unusual skill on his website:

“It confused me at first because I had all these different shades in my brain.” When I sing, I hear deep crimson and some green. I can match the pitch and read the style of the music with it. It’s almost like there’s a link there. That was the main thing that helped me in music. All I had was color since I couldn’t read music or understand technique.”


Ben Waites’ musical journey

Ben graduated from Louisiana College with a BA in Music, Communications and Theater Arts in December 2010. He received multiple scholarships during his undergraduate years and was given the opportunity to perform at his own graduation ceremony. His grandfather died the same year, but the AGT contestant hopes to carry on his legacy.

Ben Waites

His hits include My Wonderful Lord, He Giveth More Grace, All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus and Real as I Believe, his latest. Ben has also performed in churches across the country. The itinerary can be found on his official website, which is listed on his Instagram account.

America’s Got Talent (AGT) has been renewed for a 17th season due to the popularity of previous seasons. Many of the finalists have become household stars with global recognition. The current crop of competitors drew inspiration from previous winners for their efforts this year.

Ben’s full audition will air on NBC on Tuesday, July 12th.

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