Who Is Aubin Kramo? Cote d’Ivoire Footballer: Wiki And Age

Find out everything you need to know about Aubin Kramo’s page, age and net worth on Wikipedia. Aubin Kramo is a skilled professional soccer player from Ivory Coast. He specializes in the position of striker – left wing and enthusiastically represents the Ivory Coast national football team.

Aubin Kramo Wikipedia and age

Aubin Kramo, a brilliant professional soccer player from Ivory Coast, made a name for himself in this sport. He was born on February 28, 1996, is now 27 years old and has established himself as a strong player in the position of striker – left wing. Aubin’s efforts at ASEC Mimosas were instrumental in the team’s success. He was instrumental in the Ivorians winning numerous Ligue 1 titles, showing his ability to score goals and assist from the left flank.

Aubin Kram’s ability is also recognized outside the domestic scene. He played in numerous continental competitions, including the renowned CAF Champions League. His outstanding efforts helped ASEC Mimosas progress to the finals of the competition, transforming the club into a formidable force in the African football arena. Kram’s career continues to expand and improve. He currently plays for the club Simba SC, where he quickly established himself as an important member of the team.

Aubin’s incredible speed, technical brilliance and outstanding left foot are a constant threat to opposing defenders. His ability to dribble opponents, make precise crosses and score important goals earned him the admiration of fans and colleagues. He constantly strives to improve his abilities and expand his understanding of the game, which allows him to adapt to different tactical systems and successfully contributes to the team’s success. Krama’s age and experience will help him advance in the business. His prime years as a professional player are yet to come, promising even more outstanding achievements and awards. Kramo is poised to make a lasting impression on the football world thanks to his unquestionable skill, work ethic and enthusiasm for the game.

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Aubin Kramo family

Aubin Kramo, a great professional soccer player from the Ivory Coast, is silent about his private life, and nothing is known about his family. He, who is known for his professional abilities rather than his personal life, keeps a low profile while discussing his family life. While other famous personalities make their private life public, Aubin wants to concentrate on his football profession and keep his family affairs private. This choice allows him to maintain his privacy and focus only on his professional development.

Aubin Kramo

Aubin Kramo Net Worth 2023

Aubin Kramo, Ivory Coast’s outstanding left winger, has won clubs over with his extraordinary talents and his wealth largely stems from his football career. Kram’s current market value is estimated at 50 thousand euros, despite not being among the best in the sport. Kramo also received various brand endorsements and expensive sponsorship deals, which increased his wealth. These collaborations with recognized companies increase his overall net worth, which is believed to be around $800,000.

During his career, Kramo gradually ascended to several football clubs, showing his talent and ambition to reach the pinnacle of the sport. His earning potential will surely improve as he develops and attracts attention with his performances.

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