Who Are Richard & Cathlene Glenn? Meet Amber Glenn Parents: Family Details

Amber Glenn, a gifted figure skater from Plano, Texas, comes from a family of great people. Her mother, Cathlene, is a fitness instructor and her father, Richard, is a police officer. Glenn, born on October 28, 1999, started skating in 2004, and has already received various honors. She won a bronze medal at the 2013 Junior Grand Prix (JGP) in the Czech Republic and was awarded Junior National Champion at the 2014 United States Championships. Glenn has won bronze medals at two ISU Junior Grand Prix events (2013 JGP Czech Republic and 2014 JGP France). She was just crowned the 2024 US National Champion after winning two ISU Grand Prix bronze medals and three ISU Challenger Series medals.

Amber Glenn’s parents: Richard and Cathlene

Amber Elaine Glenn, an outstanding athlete, was raised in Texas with her parents Richard and Cathlene and younger sister Brooke. Cathlene is a fitness teacher who has acquired healthy habits in her family, and Richard is a police officer. Despite minimal information about their private and professional lives, it is evident that Amber has had the support of Richard and Cathlena since the beginning of her career. Their support can be seen in their Facebook posts, where they often highlight their daughter’s achievements.

Richard wrote one such piece, filled with joy, about Amber’s participation in the famous Broadmoor Open in Colorado Springs, CO, when she was only nine years old. Richard and Cathlene have been constant sources of inspiration and encouragement for Amber throughout her journey.

Amber Glenn Brooke Glenn’s sister is a student

Amber Glenn’s sister, Brooke, is currently enrolled at Texas State University, where she is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology. Brooke was born in July 2001, making her two years younger than Amber. In addition to her academic interests, Brooke displayed her athletic spirit as a cheerleader throughout her school years, competing in various activities. The two sisters seem to have a good friendship as Amber regularly posts photos of herself and Brooke on Instagram.

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First LGBTQ+ skater on Team USA

Amber Glenn made history on January 26 when she won the USA Figure Skating Championships as the first LGBT woman. The crowd applauded the 24-year-old athlete as she collected her gold medal and draped the Progress Pride flag over her shoulder.

Amber Glenn

In 2019, she officially revealed her bisexual and pansexual identity. Her coming out made her a valuable role model for young LGBTQ+ skaters. She made history at the 2021 Toyota USA Figure Skating Championships by becoming the first openly LGBTQ+ woman to win a medal in the United States. Reflecting on her experience, Amber said that the field of figure skating often assumes the sexual orientation of men, resulting in a lack of representation of bisexual and queer women. However, she decided to come out and boldly present herself as a bisexual woman in ice sports.

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