Who Are Philip Evangelista Parents? Explore His Family & Relationship With LJ Reyes

The world is awash with news about Philip Evangelista, especially after his recent marriage to famous actress LJ Reyes. Being the new husband of this celebrity, many are wondering about the parents of Philip Evangelista and the family that created this TV personality and engineer. Philip Evangelista has been making headlines lately as the guy who won the heart of LJ Reyes. Given his increasing fame, there is a strong desire to learn more about his family history.

Marriage of LJ Reyes and Philip Evangelista

Philip Evangelista and LJ Reyes got married on October 7 in the quiet streets of New York, United States. The environment was filled with love, reflecting the couple’s strong friendship.

Professional experience of Philip Evangelista

Apart from his relationship, Philip is an excellent engineer and figure in the television business. He made a name not only for his professional achievements but also for his connections with famous Filipino and American personalities.

Philip Evangelista’s family history

Philip is the proud son of Mr. and Mrs. Evangelista, who are both of Filipino descent. Family undoubtedly plays an important role in Philip’s life, defining his ideals and ideas.

LJ Reyes as the mother

LJ Reyes, on the other hand, is more than just an actor in this collaboration. She is a loving mother to two adorable children, Ethan “Aki” Aki and Summer Ayane. Her dual function as a professional and mother shows her adaptability and strength.

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Relationship between LJ Reyes and Philip Evangelista

Philip Evangelista and Lourna Jane Pujeda Reyes, often known as LJ Reyes, star in this new love story. Their relationship, now cemented by marriage, shows their unwavering commitment.

Philip the Evangelist

Age and place of birth of Philip Evangelista

Philip Evangelista was born on March 11, 1988 in the peaceful environment of Nicaragua, and in 2023 he is 35 years old. Although there is little information about his early years, one thing is clear: he had a life full of adventures leading up to this point.


As we pull back the curtains on our investigation of Philip Evangelista and his family, it becomes clear that each individual is woven into a web of family relationships and personal stories. Although much is unknown about Philip Evangelista’s background and upbringing, one thing is certain: his love story with LJ Reyes continues to win fans around the world.

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