Who Are Gerald And Liz Cattermole? Meet Paul Cattermole Parents

Paul Cattermole’s parents are devastated by the loss of their son, who was discovered in a coma on March 6, 2023. Keep reading to find out more about him. Paul Cattermole was a famous English singer and actor who was a member of the British group S Club 7. He was a member of the club from 1999 to 2002 when he left.

Cattermole also rejoined the band in 2015 for their reunion tour, and was expected to return in 2023 for a second reunion tour. He has been working in this industry since 1999, and his work is loved by many. Cattermole also starred in Back to the ’50s, Artistic Differences and Boyfriends & Birthdays.

Paul Cattermole Parents: Gerald and Liz Cattermole

Paul Cattermole was born on 7 March 1977 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England to Gerald Cattermole (father) and Liz Cattermole (mother). There are few facts about the business life of Paul’s parents because they avoided public attention. Gerald and Liz became famous after they were identified as the parents of the famous singer Paul. Furthermore, Paul is not only the child of his parents, he grew up with three siblings, two brothers named Colin and Martin and a sister named Treena. Fans are worried about Paul’s family life, given that he was just pronounced dead. His father was once sentenced to prison, and the circumstances are described in detail here.

Paul Cattermole’s father, Gerald Cattermole, was imprisoned for sexual offences.

Gerland Cattermole, father of Paul Cattermole, was jailed for almost three years for sexually assaulting young girls in February 2002. Gerald, 50, was jailed for two years and nine months at St Alban’s Crown Court for acts which included two 14- Yearlings with learning disabilities. Gerald was found guilty of having an intimate relationship with a minor twice and indecently abusing her adolescent acquaintance.

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Cattermole’s actions are said to have taken place between October 17 and 20, 2001. As a result, he was detained at his residence after the girls reported him to the police. Since that was the situation in 2001, he could now be declared free.

Paul Cattermole

Was Paul Cattermole married before his death?

Paul Cattermole had no wife and never married. However, the late singer was in a long-term public romance with bandmate Hannah Spearritt. The former couple met as members of the National Youth Music Theater in 1994 when Paul was 17 and Hannah was 14. They were chosen as members of the seven-member pop ensemble S Club 7 in 1999.

But it wasn’t until May 2001 that their unlikely friendship turned into a sexual relationship. They initially kept their romance under wraps until going public in November 2001. Furthermore, Paul and Hannah dated until 2006 before reuniting in 2015, though they split soon after. Since he was not married, we can assume that he had no children.

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