What Is The ‘Too Loud’ Challenge On TikTok & How Do You Find It?

TikTok is one of the best apps for finding new challenges and going viral. The “too big” challenge is one of the newest. Here’s how it works!

TikTok is known for its ever-changing challenges/trends – one of the latest being the “too noisy” challenge. If there’s one social media app that’s taken the internet by storm over the past few years, it’s TikTok. The video app launched in 2017 with little fanfare. However, in just a few years, by early 2019, it had reached 1 billion downloads. It has only become more popular since then. TikTok continues to add features, add more users, and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon.

Part of the reason for TikTok’s huge success is all the trends and challenges that are common on the app. In early 2021, a large number of TikTok users started sharing their videos using the popular “beardless” filter. There is also the viral (and dangerous) “Blackout Challenge”, “Vuji Challenge” based on the song of the same name by Olivia Rodrigo, etc. If something goes viral on the internet, it most likely originates from TikTok.

As of March 2022, one of the newest viral challenges on TikTok is the Too Loud Challenge. While the name sounds like a challenge about hearing something at high volume, the Too Loud Challenge is actually a dance challenge. This name comes from the song cash app Created by rapper Louie Ray – the challenge itself is pretty simple. TikTok users play the song in their video, record them dancing to it, and that’s it. The challenge’s name comes from the lyrics, Ray said, “Too noisy.”

How to find challenges that are too big on TikTok

TikTok app icon on iPhone

If you want to find the Too Loud Challenge for yourself, find it like any other challenge on the app. Open TikTok on your phone, tap the search icon in the upper right corner and search for “challenge too loud”. This will display all videos on TikTok with the hashtag #tooloudchallenge. The search results page shows popular videos by default. You can also click “hashtags” below the search bar to see all the hashtags related to the challenge. “#tooloudchallenge” and “#tooloud” are the most popular, with 33.4 million and 120.6 million views respectively at the time of posting.

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Before diving into this, note that most of TikTok’s “Noisy Challenge” videos feature people swaying to the song. Some videos are more inspirational than others, so it’s best not to let younger users take on the challenge. That said, there are also some more fun, more relevant ways in the Too Loud Challenge. One user combined the song with Minecraft sound effects and the results were hilarious.

As with any TikTok challenge, it’s hard to say how long the Too Loud Challenge will last. It’s popular at the moment, but with the speed of development and change of the TikTok world, it will sooner or later be replaced by something else. But that’s what makes TikTok so interesting. Today, the Too Loud Challenge has taken over the platform like a hurricane, tomorrow will be another thing, and the day after tomorrow will be another.

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