MECH CADETS Comic Returns To Print Ahead of Netflix Adaptation (Exclusive)

Now’s your chance to catch up on the original comic series with a new series before Netflix drops its much-anticipated Mech Cadets adaptation.

Just in time for the upcoming Netflix adaptation, mecha studentsoriginal BOOM! Studio comic series student Yu mecha Will be reissued in large format paperback. student Yu mecha The original comic book hit from 2017. By 2021, Netflix announced plans to adapt this animated series. mecha students The film is currently set to hit theaters in the summer of 2023, though a more specific date has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, bang! KaBOOM Studio Marks! They plan to bring the original manga by Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa back to manga stores and digital stores as a massive collection by May 2023. A physical copy of the series – will be available form Mecha Cadet Episode 1in honor of the Netflix series – available starting May 17. Meanwhile, digital copies – including releases via Comixology, iBooks, Google Play and Kindle – will be available from May 23. Pre-orders are also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, any local comic book store, and any of the aforementioned digital vendors. Mecha Cadet Episode 1 Collect all 12 original questions student Yu mecha Features colors by Triona Farrell, Jessica Kholinne and Raúl Angulo.

Mech Cadets are reaching new fans

Mechanical student book a

mechanical student at Focuses on Stanford Yu, a boy who works as a janitor for the Sky Corps with his mother. Every four years, giant machines from outer space travel to Earth to bond with the hopeful space cadets of Sky Corps Academy. Obviously, this is a bigger opportunity than Stanford could have imagined in his wildest dreams, but now he has to win the war against the Sharks. Netflix will adapt the series into 3D animation.

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Mecha Cadet is the pinnacle of science fiction of its time

mech cadet netflix

student Yu mecha is an exciting series, and there’s never been a better time for fans to dig into the original series before watching the Netflix adaptation. Action is guaranteed as humans and mechs unite against the alien Sharg, but it always balances with Stanford’s brilliant coming-of-age story – a young hero no one believes will be chosen, but now forced to go to the front lines Defend the Earth from immeasurable destructive forces. The story follows Stanford and fellow cadets facing threats that only they can stop, and forming new friendships that will last a lifetime – no matter how it actually ends. long!

you can take student Yu mecha BOOM!studio drop Mecha Cadet Episode 1 May 17 at comic stores and May 23 at bookstores.

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