Walking Dead Rick & Michonne Spinoff Casts Lucifer Star In Mystery Role

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The “Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne” spinoff added a new cast, hiring “Lucifer’s Labyrinth” actor Leslie-Ann Brandt to play a recurring mystery character.

The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne spinoff added lucifer Actor star. zombieNew spin-off plan will start in June 2023 deadthen continue at the end of the year Darryl Dixon. The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne becomes the last of three new spin-offs slated for release in 2024.

The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne Filming has actually officially begun in New Jersey, and now it’s reported that a new cast will join Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, with Leslie-Ann Brandt reprising a recurring role.

based on durationBrandt plays a character named Pearl Thorne, about whom many details are being kept under wraps. Brant is best known for playing Devil’s Labyrinth on Fox and Netflix for all six seasons lucifer. In an Instagram post, Brandt teased that her role was “very South African(Brandt himself is from South Africa) at the same time also seems to reveal Eagle Eye episode directors Bert and Bertie directed her Rick and Michonne.

Everything we know about Rick and Michonne

The Walking Dead hybrid image of a sad and tearful Rick and an angry Michonne with her katana

zombieThe final installment of the 2022 series offers a brief preview Rick and Michonnejoked that when the show started, the celebrity zombie The couple is still separated. In the teaser, Gurira’s Michonne is seen surviving alone, while Rick is threatened by a CRM helicopter circling a muddy river, with Philadelphia looming in the distance.

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official profile Rick and Michonne Not particularly helpful in filling in more gaps than what was covered in that briefing New Taiwan Dollar The epilogue of the series, simply says “The series tells an epic love story of two characters whose worlds have changedwhile providing more vague information like “Are they the enemy? lover? victim? winner?New Taiwan Dollar Space custodian Scott M. Gimple is the host tasked with providing answers to these and more intriguing questions.

It remains to be seen how Brandt’s mysterious new character Pearl Thorne will fit into the mix. She could be a member of the evil CRM, or she could be the ally Rick and/or Michonne befriend in season six. Bert and Bertie can join The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne The episode director himself is an interesting development, considering their memorable work on shows like Eagle Eye And our flag means death.

Source: Deadline, Lesley-Ann Brandt/Instagram

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