Viola Davis is the newest member of the EGOT Club, but the actor who coined the term has never won any of the four prestigious awards.

It’s official: Viola Davis has officially achieved the most prestigious status in show business. Now that the famous actress won a Grammy for the audiobook version of her memoirs find meDavis has now reached EGOT status.

The term “EGOT” stands for “Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony” and is intended to honor the talented few who have won at least one of each of the four major American entertainment awards in a competitive category. The most recent star to appear on the list before Davis was Jennifer Hudson.

EGOT status is often considered the highest achievement for any American artist. However, the man who coined the term EGOT unfortunately never earned a single nomination for any of the major awards.

In 1984, Miami Vice Actor Philip Michael Thomas first publicly used the term during an interview with Eastern Time.

“[In January], I put a plan in motion, which I call ‘EGOT,’” he told the outlet while on the set of the popular television show. “And EGOT is ‘E’ for Emmy, ‘G’ for GRAMMY, ‘O’ for Oscar and ‘T’ for Tony. And I’m putting this into a five-year plan. I hope to win them all in the next five years.”

It seemed Thomas went to great lengths to manifest the honor, even modeling the acronym on a gold pendant for her to wear while pursuing her goal. In 1985, she followed up with Eastern Timetelling the publication that he had the Emmy in his sights as Miami Vice it had multiple nominations for its pilot episode.

He added that he had a plan to secure the next three prizes. She first teased a Grammy with her debut studio album. living the book of my lifebut it would not stop there.

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“The Oscar will come when I buy the rights to There’s no place to be somebody and make it like a movie,” Thomas explained. “And the Tony will come when I produce the musical that I wrote, which is called The Legend of Stagolee.”

Unfortunately, those five years passed for Thomas without receiving a single EGOT-eligible win or even a nomination. Inarguably, though, Thomas made his mark in the entertainment world by coining the oft-used term. In fact, indirectly, every EGOT winner owes the prestigious designation to Thomas himself.

Thomas’ story was eventually lampooned on the Emmy Award-winning show. 30 rock. During the series’ fourth season, Tracy Morgan’s semi-autobiographical character Tracy Jordan insisted that she was in charge of the search for Thomas.

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The character even bought Thomas’ supposed “EGOT” necklace, setting the plan in motion. While the story was played for laughs on the show, it also helped solidify the term “EGOT” in the public consciousness.

It doesn’t seem like Thomas has a lot of work these days, as his last acting credit was in 2009. Never say never, though! According to his IMDB page, he actually has several projects in pre-production, which means that Phillip could be planning a full comeback. As we’ve seen with so many actors this year, all it takes is one good role to revive an artist’s career!

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