Vera Wang claims that this junk food keeps her ageless at 74 years old

Maybe junk food isn’t so bad…

Vera Wang, 74, has not aged a day. When she was asked her secret, she surprised everyone by revealing her unexpected diet.

The fashion designer attributes her timeless looks to a combination of McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and “hard work.”

“Like McDonald’s, absolutely,” Wang told Page Six Style at the DKMS Gala in New York on Thursday night.

“I order it every day, for like two weeks, and then I change it,” he added.


Expanding on her dietary preferences, Wang also stated that Dunkin’ Donuts is her other option.

“I like the donut filled with cream and covered in sugar. It’s like a jelly donut, but it’s cream inside, vanilla cream. I also like pink with sparkles,” she shared.


In 2020, Wang, then 70, took the internet by storm once again with her timeless beauty when she shared photos of herself modeling in an orange top and denim shorts.

Homegirl just canceled her aging subscription.

—Kay 🤧 (@awktravels) May 7, 2020

Wang expressed feeling “totally shocked” by the attention she received at the time. Even then, her fashion designer told her fans via Instagram that her anti-aging secret included “work, sleep, a vodka cocktail.” [and] “There is not much sun.”

It’s not just Big Macs that have kept Wang young. He also shares that working hard is what really matters.

“I’ve basically worked my whole life, so it’s really about work,” Wang explained. “I think work keeps you young and stimulated.

“I work long hours, I have raised two daughters. I think staying busy is the best antidote. [for] good health.”

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You buy it? Honestly, most people gain five pounds just by looking on a Big Mac. There’s just no way… but he looks pretty good for his age.

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