Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Peppino

Peppino is a secret playable character Vampire Survivor Like a tree that bears fruit. As one would expect from a tree, Peppino starts each stage with -100% movement speed, making it one of the slowest characters in the game. However, the tree makes up for this drawback, also starting with +20 max health, +2 armor, -60% area and +100% magnet Vampire Survivor. Also, it gains +10% area after a certain level range. This passive charm allows Pepino to use his original weapon, the Soul Eater.

An evolved form of Garlic and Pummarola, Soul Eater casts a black aura with visual effects around Peppino, dealing damage to any enemies within the effect’s radius. Enemies hit by Soul Eater’s aura are more repelled and more likely to freeze. Additionally, this weapon has a chance to generate a heart that heals for 1 when killed, making it a great base vehicle for keeping Peppino alive in combat. To further enhance Peppino’s Soul Eater’s healing, players should choose Sarabande of Healing (VI) as their Arcana for double hearts and extra damage Vampire Survivor.

Unlock Peppino Vampire Survivor, the player needs to visit Il Molise, which is the first bonus stage available after achieving Mega Mode in any normal stage. Next, enter Il Molise with the character O’Sole Meeo. Osor is unlocked by killing a total of 3,000 Lobsters, hostile creatures found in the Gallo Tower. The reason players should use O’Sole is because of its starting weapon, Celestial Dusting. Of course, another character can also get Celestial Dusting on stage, but O’Sole’s default feature is that it’s more convenient to have a weapon at launch.

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Unlock Peppino in Vampire Survivor

Next, enter Il Molise and go through the flower beds with O’Sole. O’Sole’s Celestial Dusting doesn’t harm plants, it heals them. Fortunately, O’Sole is invulnerable to trees, allowing the player to run freely across the field while healing the flowers. After healing the tree for a total of 100,000 HP, the jingle will activate Vampire SurvivorIndicates that Peppino is unlocked and available for purchase in the character select menu.

However, it is important to note that Peppino is not currently part of the official game, but will be released in an update in the near future. So those who want to access Peppino must right-click Vampire Survivor in their Steam client, then select Properties. Go to Beta and select “Open Beta” for the game. After the update, players can now unlock Peppino.

Vampire Survivor Available on PC via Steam.

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