Travis Kelce is a ‘great uncle’ to his three nieces

Travis Kelce isn’t letting the busy playoff season get in the way of being “Uncle Trav” to his three nieces.

Travis, 34, lives a hectic, high-profile life as the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. But behind the scenes, he always makes time for his family, especially his brother Jason Kecle’s daughters, Wyatt, 4, Bennett, 2, and Elliotte, 10 months.

According PEOPLEA source says Travis prioritizes the girls, whom Jason shares with his wife, Kylie Kelce.

“Travis is a great uncle,” the source said. “She loves spending time with his nieces. “They try to do typical family things.”

Travis has always openly adored his nieces and frequently mentions them on social media or when co-hosting his new heights podcast with Jason. Wyatt even recently appeared on the show, which had fans excited.

Jason brought her as a surprise guest because she asked to “say hi,” which made Travis melt.

“Look to you!” Travis said.

“Hello, Uncle Trav!” Wyatt smiled.

Travis Kelce continued to ask what the “feminine” had been doing and noticed that she was dressed in her gym gear.

“What are you wearing? Tell Uncle Trav what you’re wearing,” he asked before she yelled, “a leotard!”

Travis Kelce’s nieces cheer on ‘The Red Team’

And worship goes both ways. According to Kylie, the girls are Travis Kelce’s biggest fans and in fact, they sit and watch football games just to get the chance to see him or his father, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kylie said PEOPLE that will put the girls in front of the TV so they can see the moments when Jason or “Uncle Trav could have taken off” their helmets.

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“Those are the times where I can really get them involved in a game because then they don’t look like anyone else on the field,” he continued. “When they take off their helmets, they can say, ‘Oh, that’s definitely Dad.’”

The girls also know how to support the right team.

“Every time they see red teams on TV, they say, ‘Are we cheering for the red team?'” he added, “because usually we’re watching Uncle Trav.”

Travis Kelce’s nieces are too young to really understand the intricacies of football, but Kylie thinks they’re slowly putting the pieces together.

“You can see how they pick up on those little clues and signals and learn to watch football,” he shared. “But I would say that when it comes to watching the actual game, our middle Elliotte (it’s the strangest thing, actually) will cheer at the right moments, where it’s almost like she understands the game.”

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