This Optical Illusion Will Test Your Eyesight: Can You Spot the Golf Ball Among the Easter Eggs?

Optical illusions are a type of visual trickery that can play with our perception. They can be fun and challenging, and they can also be used to test our visual acuity.

One popular optical illusion is the “hidden golf ball” puzzle. In this puzzle, you are presented with a picture of easter eggs. Among the eggs, there is a golf ball hiding very discreetly. 

The Batman is camouflaged so well that it can be difficult to find.

It might seem easy at first but here is the twist- you need to find Batman within 11 seconds. 

If you wish to test your observation skills and emerge as a true puzzle master, then this is your chance. 

Did you know that the first ever golf balls were made of wood in Scotland?

Quite amazing isn’t it? 

So, can you find the golf ball within 13 seconds? 

Start your timer and begin the hunt. All the best!

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Optical Illusion: Find the Hidden Golf Ball Among the Easter Eggs in 13 Seconds


Did you find the hidden golf ball? 

Come on, use your amazing observation skills, the famous superhero is right in front of you. 

Take some time and study the image carefully. 

Still didn’t find it? here are some hints: 

Zoom in on the image and look at it from different angles.

Try to stay calm and analyse the image thoroughly

Hurry up, the time is about to be over!

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3… 2… and 1!

Did you find the hidden golf ball?

Congratulations! If you found the golf ball, you have a sharp eye for detail. 

If you didn’t find the golf ball, don’t give up. Keep looking, and you may be able to find it. Just scroll back to the top of the image and try to find it without any timer. 

Here is the solution for this amazing optical illusion.

Find the Hidden Golf Ball- Solution 



Wasn’t this optical illusion quite easy? Try your hands on other puzzles and you are sure to become a puzzle master. 

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