This is why Jamie Lee Curtis is getting rid of her ‘Halloween’ movie memorabilia

Jamie Lee Curtis Will Always Cherish Her Time as Laurie Strode, But Plans to Auction Her Off Hallowe’en souvenirs for this reason:

Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, has announced that she is finally saying goodbye to the treasures she has been saving since filming the classic. Hallowe’en Films. The Oscar-winning actress is known for playing Laurie Strode, the fictional sister of notorious psychopathic murderer Michael Myers.


Following the production of Halloween Ends (2022)Scream Queen has a heartwarming plan to get rid of her movie collectibles in support of an important and noble cause.

On Tuesday, October 10, Curtis took to Instagram to announce that proceeds from the auction will benefit seriously ill and injured children at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Among the Halloween memorabilia are two engraved knives that Curtis gave to the crew at the end of the 2021 film. Halloween deathspaying homage to Michael Myers’ infamous weapon of choice.

The limited edition knives are engraved with the words “HALLOWEEN KILLS. XO JLC.” Each one will be signed by Curtis and dedicated to whoever wins the auction.

Another item that will be featured in the auction is the unique custom director’s chair back, used by Curtis during the filming of Halloween ends. On the side is Laurie’s name. The other side features the logo and title of the fictional film “Cave dwellers,”which was used by the Hallowe’en The cast and crew must “maintain secrecy and avoid leaks about the movie being filmed,” Curtis explains in the item description on the auction website. He also offers to sign it for the auction winner if they wish.

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Lastly, Curtis added two vintage-inspired Halloween lunch box sets that were released in limited quantities in 2021 in honor of Halloween deaths.

“This game instantly became a collector’s item and sold out almost immediately,” Curtis wrote, noting that he received two games as gifts. Now she separates herself from them to raise money for the children’s hospital.

Offers will remain open until Halloween. Wouldn’t it be great to have a one-of-a-kind movie prop? The most important thing is that the proceeds will go to a wonderful cause.

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