The truth about Jasmine Chiswell and her husband

Jasmine Chiswell is a social media star who can best be described as the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. The Scottish-born actress has made a name for herself on the internet for recreating Monroe’s iconic looks. Jasmine began posting photos of her vintage fashion looks on Instagram, where she gained thousands of fans.

YouTube quickly followed, and in early 2020, Jasmine created her TikTok channel. In no time, she blew up and her followers currently number 8.6 million. Chiswell’s extraordinary commitment to all things vintage has made her standout on a stage dominated by viral dance and comedy.

This piece will look at Jasmine’s move to Los Angeles, her relationship with her husband, the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, and fan reactions to her vintage look.

Jasmine started acting after her parents’ divorce derailed her dream of studying medicine.

jasmine chiswell

Jasmine Chiswell was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where she grew up with an older brother and a younger brother. Chiswell was on the right track to pursue a career in medicine when her parents’ divorce distorted her focus. Her dream of medicine died after failing crucial exams at the end of high school. In a TikTok video, she Jasmine explained:

“At 17 years old, I thought my life was over. I failed all my exams and my parents went through a nasty divorce and I honestly thought life wasn’t worth living.”

Chiswell took a year off before a friend of her mother’s offered her a job as an actress with the BBC. She also enrolled in college to earn a degree in film production. While at school, she Jasmine produced several short horror films, which earned her some recognition. She impressed experienced film producers like Iain Smith with her work ethic and commitment to film.

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While preparing for her senior year in college, Jasmine received an offer from the New York Film Academy to pursue her master’s degree at the institution. It took Jasmine four months to raise the funds for her school tuition and, at the age of 22, she flew to Hollywood to make her dream come true. Chiswell went the extra mile to complete a two-year course in half the time. In a video posted on November 13, 2020, she stated:

“Every day was like 16 or 18 hour days, and then you would come home to edit and write and things like that. I don’t think I slept all year.”

Despite constantly not finding the right person on a dating app, Jasmine persisted and eventually met her husband, Maverick McNeilly.

Maverick McNeilly and Jasmine Chiswell

A couple of years before moving to Los Angeles, Jasmine had been in a long-term relationship that didn’t end well. When she arrived in the United States, she felt ready to start dating again. She thought that dating apps were the best way to find potential partners in a foreign country. Ella jasmine went on several dates, but none of the men she met wanted serious relationships. “Most of the dates I went on, most of the guys were like, ‘I just want to hear your accent,’ and I always felt like they didn’t want to get to know me because of me,” she said in a pitched YouTube video titled how we met.

However, he continued to use Bumble and was paired with Maverick. The couple talked on the app for a couple of weeks before going on their first beach date. Maverick and Jasmine became inseparable after that first date and within four months they moved in together. Engagement and marriage came soon after. “Maybe a few months later, we got engaged,” Jasmine said. “And then six months later, we got married, and that’s really our story.”

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Jasmine had no idea that she would meet and marry an American so soon after moving to Los Angeles. She thought that she would return to Scotland immediately after completing her studies:

“It’s strange to think about what just happened. I really didn’t expect to marry an American. I thought she would go back to Scotland and that would be it. I didn’t think I’d be living here with Maverick. It’s strange to think.”

Maverick and Jasmine care for four dogs and plan to start a family. In a couples Q&A video from September, they agreed that two or three children would be enough for them.

According to Jasmine, the friendly ghost of Marilyn Monroe helped improve her life

Jasmine Chiswell and Marilyn Monroe

Jasmine’s interest in Marilyn Monroe began after she and Maverick passed one of her old houses that was being demolished. The couple researched Marilyn’s old houses and found one that was for sale. They bought the house with the intention of keeping it.

Marilyn and her husband Joe DiMaggio lived in the house that Jasmine and Maverick bought. The couple found magazines from 1953 and a hidden signature of the actor in a beam. The couple’s purchase of the house coincided with Jasmine’s desire to start wearing vintage clothing.

Before vintage, Jasmine used to dress like a normal 20-something. However, she was never comfortable in conventional clothing; the jeans, in particular, did not fit well on her thighs and waist. After visiting a vintage makeup store, Jasmine began collecting and wearing vintage dresses and reproductions of hers.

Six months later, Maverick did the same. Sometimes it was difficult to recreate some looks, but the couple got help from an unexpected source: the friendly ghost of Marilyn Monroe. “Since I’ve been in this house, my hair has improved a lot,” Jasmine said. Fashion. “I know that’s really weird.”

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Jasmine and Maverick get a lot of looks and laughs for their fashion choices, but it doesn’t bother them.

jasmine chiswell and maverick mcneilly

Jasmine and Maverick are serious about vintage clothing despite what the outside world thinks of them. The couple’s dedication to fashion decades ago put them on the map, and they’re not about to give up their success for a few laughs. jasmine said Fashion that laughter and looks hurt at first, but he has learned to live with mockery:

“Because my husband dresses like that too, people look at us and follow us around corners just to look at us. Some people came up and laughed in our faces. I remember it was my birthday last year. And he pulled me back a little bit. But I thought about it like, okay, I don’t let things like that get to me. And at the end of the day, I feel like this style makes me happy and makes me who I am.”

Fortunately, most responses to couples fashion are positive, especially from older people. Social media is a full-time job for Jasmine, but she hasn’t given up on her dream of producing a movie. She hopes to find a way to integrate social media and film production.

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