‘The Talk’ Co-Stars Beg Jerry O’Connell to Be Good After His Latest On-Air Stunt

Jerry O’Connell Channels His Inner Daredevil and Performs a Risky Stunt on Live TV

At first, the hosts of The conversation They were having a normal segment. That quickly changed when actor and co-host Jerry O’Connell got too angry with the conversation and did something no one expected.

On October 9, Amanda Kloots shared that she had always wanted to go to a frat party.

“I’ve never been to a frat party. “We need to make this happen, it’s one of my bucket list goals.”

O’Connell responded enthusiastically, saying, “There’s a lot of beer and vomit and stuff at a frat party.” He then made a joke with Kloots and suggested that the co-host should “aim higher.”

Kloots protested, saying, “It’s like a life thing I wanted to check off and I never got around to checking off!”

O’Connell then said, “How about this? Let’s make sure Amanda does a keg stand at some point.” His suggestion sparked a wave of cheers and applause from the crowd.

That’s when things took an unexpected turn on the show.

O’Connell, apparently goaded by the audience’s applause, boldly repositioned himself in his chair so that he was standing upside down, his legs flailing wildly in the air.


Co-host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila began pleading with O’Connell.

“No no no no! No, Jerry!” she exclaimed.

Co-host Natalie Morales didn’t seem all that fazed by O’Connell’s antics. She gestured to the actor with her cue cards before saying, “I told you he would climb on the furniture. We haven’t even been in the show for five minutes.”


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The moment ended long before it began. O’Connell, red-faced, casually returned to sitting normally in his seat, with the crowd still cheering in the background.

One thing’s for sure: there isn’t a single embarrassing bone in Jerry O’Connell’s body!

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