The sad reason why Nicolas Cage and his ex Christina Fulton never met their twin granddaughters

A bitter dispute has arisen between Nicolas Cage, his ex-partner Christina Fulton and his ex-daughter-in-law Hila Arounian, preventing the former couple from meeting their 3-year-old twin granddaughters. The dispute has now culminated in defamation lawsuits filed by both Cage’s ex-partner and her son, Weston Coppola Cage, against Arounian.

According to documents obtained by Page sixWeston and Christina are suing Arounian, alleging that she embezzled $100,000 and manipulated a “fraudulent restraining order,” which prohibited Christina and her family from meeting Weston’s daughters.

The legal documents claim Arounian has a pattern of making false and malicious accusations to coerce and manipulate people. In a statement to The US SunChristina expressed her obligation to file the lawsuit because of Arounian’s creation of a hostile environment that has broken the family’s relationship with the children.


Christina lamented: “Nicolas and I have not been able to meet our two beautiful granddaughters since they were born. We are in a silent and horrible nightmare. “It’s crazy, painful, painful and devastating.”

He also detailed his deep anguish at not being able to meet the twins, emphasizing the pain and shock it has caused, especially given the strong bond he shares with Weston’s children.

Christina further accused Arounian of emotionally abusing Weston, influencing him to distance himself from his family. Meanwhile, in her lawsuit, Weston, 32, claims Arounian took advantage of him during his recovery from mental health issues and accused her of spreading malicious lies in retaliation for her divorce filing.

Expressing his determination to counter the defamation, Weston said: “I have been the target of defamation my entire life. “I have remained silent, but now that I am faced with the worst slander and defamation yet, I will take immense and aggressive action.”

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Weston and Arounian married in 2018 and welcomed twin daughters Cyress and Venice during the pandemic, but their marriage fell apart soon after. Weston also has children Lucian and Sorin from a previous relationship. Both Christina, 56, and Weston are seeking unspecified damages in their respective lawsuits.

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